The best posts on Ebook Friendly in 2013

Top on Ebook Friendly in 20132013 was a year when ebooks stopped conquering print books. The also stopped being only a book business topic. They started to become an inseparable part of mass culture.

There are millions of book geeks around the world. Some of them are in love with electronic books – and they probably have already stumbled our site.

The posts listed below are the most interesting stuff created by Ebook Friendly team: infographics, lists, or anything else that became popular online and originated from our site.

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Top on Ebook Friendly in 2013

6 fascinating book machines before the Kindle

Enciclopedia Mechanica - Mechanical Encyclopedia - a pedecesor of the ereader from 1949

The launch of the first-generation Kindle is a clear milestone in the evolution of the book. For the first time the book in a form different from the one set up by Gutenberg 600 years earlier, was heralded by Oprah Winfrey.

However, Kindle is a result of earlier inventions. The history of improving books, making them more accessible and convenient, is much longer than that.

These six devices (and not a single one noticed by Oprah) perfectly show that making books more advanced was always on our minds.

From 16th century Book Wheel to Steve Job’s NeXT computer from 1988, they are all inspiring to do more.

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“Twitter” defined in The Slang Dictionary from 1874

Project Gutenberg The Slang Dictionary 1874 - John Camden Hotten - entry - twitter

The word “twitter” is not new. In The Slang Dictionary written by John Camden Hotten and published 140 years ago, its meaning was as in the image above.

Other phrases unexpectedly define “pin”, “poll”, or “button”. I was able to find these words, because the book was digitized by Google, and is available for free from Project Gutenberg. Thanks to that it’s possible to search for specific words inside a book.

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8 tips and tricks to get the most of Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg tips

Speaking of Project Gutenberg, if you enter the world of ebooks, sooner or later you’ll realize we all should be thankful to this single site, that started the ebook engine long before the Kindle.

Established in 1971 by Michael S. Hart, Project Gutenberg offers over 40 thousand free ebooks that entered public domain. This brief description doesn’t even touch all the beauty PG has to offer. To get most of it, you can go through the list of tips and tricks.

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These 12 questions will help you choose between tablet and e-reader

Tablet or e-reader - questionnaire

Many users make an essential mistake of not recognizing own preferences. They buy iPad, because they like it, or they buy Kindle because a neighbor has it.

First thing to do is to decide whether you need a tablet (any tablet) or e-reader (any e-reader). This questionnaire will get you much closer to the right answer.

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A quick guide to reading books on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Aldiko Samsung Galaxy Tab

Users of the iPad or Kindle feel comfortable. When they don’t know something they can find the answer in a second on the web.

It’s far more difficult to learn about how to read books on other devices. Samsung tablets are popular, but apparently not as popular as iPads.

This post with simple tips that would turn a Samsung tablet (and smartphone, too) into a powerful reading machine, was among most popular posts visited from Google search.

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35 free images from classic books, ready to use and remix

Gulliver's Travels - Jonathan Swift - free image 1

In December, The British Library has released over 1 million public domain images on a Flickr profile, encouraging users to use and repurpose these great illustrations.

On the surface it sounds boring. Old images? Who cares about them! Well, that’s not true. They are not only perfectly mastered, but very often they bring back iconic situations and moods, like the one from Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift, show above.

For your convenience we listed 35 great images from famous classic novels, including Pride and PrejudiceThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, or Jane Eyre.

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Who is customizing tablet and e-reader covers (infographic)

Custom cases infographic preview

Ebooks become a part of the culture – although they are invisible files sitting on a disc of a computer, tablet or e-reader.

What helps show us the love for digital reading is the cases in which we dress e-reading devices.

Together with Caseable, a top destination for customized covers for smartphones, tablets, e-readers and laptops, we created a fun-to-explore infographic that shows users’ preferences in personalizing covers and sleeves.

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Goodreads’ success story (infographic)

Goodreads success story intro

Another home-made infographic describes the most popular book recommendation site, Goodreads, at the time of the greatest glory.

In March, the news hit that the site was sold to Amazon. The infographic documents all the achievements of Goodreads’ community before the site lost its independence.

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20 mesmerizing modern libraries from around the world

Bishan Public Library in Singapore - outside

We share a lot of stuff about libraries, and this post that lists modern libraries around the world was one of the most visited in the entire 2013.

From The Bishan Public Library in Singapore, to Turku Public Library (Finland), to Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library in Canada, libraries are adapting to changing conditions, and doing better than anyone could expect.

We’re going to update the post soon with twenty or thirty new libraries, so stay tuned (and please give us recommendations!).

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