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15 tricks and tips to get the most of Kindle Store

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This holiday season many users will get Kindle ereaders or other mobile devices on which free Kindle ereading apps can be easily installed.

You can find on the web many tips on which ereader model to choose. Reviews, hands-ons, all that is good, but keep in mind that owning an ereader like Kindle is just the beginning of a story.

Here is a list of tips to help you get the most of Kindle Store. How to easier access Amazon’s ebookstore, how to browse more efficiently, how to set up notifications.

1. Access Kindle Store from your phone

Amazon site is very well optimized for small screens. It loads fast and displays a clean, easy to navigate interface. You can access it from a special mobile homepage. In your phone browser’s address bar type this short link:

You can bookmark it in the browser or even add it to your phone’s home screen. Read more how to do it.

2. Use Twitter to discover Kindle ebooks

Many Twitter users access the network from their mobile phones. Twitter wants to be a discovery tool, and this applies to ebooks very well.

As Kindle Store  is optimized for mobile devices, you can buy Kindle books directly from links shared on Twitter. I did it many times, 1-Click experience guaranteed. Read more.

3. Use short links to access most popular sections

You can use your smartphone in a smarter way. Check this list of easy, memorable short links to major sections of Kindle Store. Use one of them instead of typing long addresses.

Alternatively, you can enter our home page,, from your mobile phone and a handy list of major sections of Kindle Store will be displayed.

4. Get notifications from Kindle Store via RSS

Not many Kindle users know that there are RSS feeds in Kindle Store. You can subscribe to Kindle bestsellers, Kindle indie bestsellers, Kindle Daily Deal books and more.

If you don’t want to miss the release of any good book, subscribe to the list you’re interested in. Find most of the available RSS feeds in this page.

5. Get email and RSS alerts for Kindle Daily Deal

When it comes to Kindle Daily Deal, Amazon provides only a possibility to subscribe via email, and it’s for US customers only (you can do it from this page).

If you want to get notifications via email or RSS, you can use a feed of mirror posts I create every day, which include longer book blurbs and can be accessed from mobile phone (opposite to official Kindle Daily Deal page, which surprisingly, is not yet optimized for mobile screens). Read more.

6. Change Amazon book recommendations to Kindle Editions

Almost on every page Amazon will show you a list of book recommendations based on your purchase and browsing history. If you are interested only in getting Kindle recommendations, you can easily change that in your preferences. Read this post to do it.

7. Find self-published books

Self-publishing is a digital publishing phenomenon. There are on average 20 self-published books in Kindle Top 100 monthly lists. Three self-published books are in Top 10 Kindle bestsellers of 2011. It’s good to give self-published books a try.

You can either directly explore Kindle Indie Books, a section devoted exclusively to books from indie publishers and self-published authors, or check the details on a single book’s page. Read more.

8. Find non-English books

International users are not in such a good situation as customers speaking English and living in US. You’ll find in Kindle Store the official directory for only 5 foreign languages: FrenchGermanItalianSpanish and Portuguese.

What about users living the rest of over 170 countries and destinations where Kindles officially ship? If you want to find books in your language, you’ll have to use some tricks listed in this post. You’ll get the most accurate list, if you use in Kindle Store’s search bar the key phrase pattern “Language Edition”, like “Dutch Edition” or “Polish Edition”.

9. Find DRM-free books in Kindle Store

Most books in Kindle Store are locked with Amazon’s native DRM system. That means you won’t be able to easily download and read them on devices or in applications not authorized with your Kindle account.

Luckily, there are books in Kindle Store without DRM, so you will be able to read them on any device/app which supports mobi format. Read more.

10. Check how much you overpay if you buy Kindle book from abroad

In general, if you buy a book from abroad, you pay an international fee. Important: it doesn’t apply to Kindle Daily Deal! The prices of the same book differ from region to region. This report can give you an overview of what price level you can expect.

You can also easily check how the price difference for every book you’re interested in. Check the tip in this post.

11. Reduce clutter while browsing Kindle Store

Amazon site is cluttered with links, widgets and banners. On an average product page there are around 180 links! Additionally, you have to scroll down to reveal the Product Details section (sic!).

You can easily get rid of all the clutter by using Readability Read Now bookmarklet. Here’s how to do it.

12. Gift a Kindle book at the right date

Do you know that you can set up the date you want the Kindle book delivered to the recipient’s personal library? When buying, click on Give as a Gift button, instead of Buy now with 1-Click. Afterwards you will be able to set up the exact date. Read more.

13. Identify spam books

Many books in Kindle Store are published several times, having different covers and different titles. They have a poor quality and may contain malicious links. In this post you’ll learn how to identify them.

14. Read details of a Kindle books without leaving Twitter

If you heavily use Twitter website, you can read details of a book from Kindle Store, as Twitter is embedding pages from Amazon site.

Any link which starts with comes from Amazon and you can expect product details embedded. Within a tweet area find a media icon and click on it. You’ll see the price, average rating and most relevant customer reviews. Read more.

15. Loan a Kindle book you’ve read

The books you’ve read are stored in your personal Kindle library. Not every book can be loaned by Kindle users, but if yes, it’s very easy to do it – just send an email to a person and your book will be available for her to read for the next 14 days. Read more.

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Many bloggers limit themselves to giving tips about Kindle devices, which is just not enough. Ereaders and tablets and smartphones are the cups, ebooks are the coffee. At Ebook Friendly I focus on tips about how to make reading and finding Kindle ebooks more enjoyable.

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