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This is how an average book cover of the USA Today bestseller looks like

A couple of days ago we shared a brilliant visualization prepared James R A Davenport, who put together all book covers from USA Today bestsellers since 2000.

He wrote a very detailed and thought-provoking post about with the analysis of the gathered data. One more fascinating outcome of his stunning work is an image of the average book cover of the USA Today bestseller.

James collected book covers from USA Today Top 10 weekly bestseller lists from 2000 through 2011 – 1,300 covers altogether. He created the average cover by adding all cover images together, and then readjusting the contrast. Gradient on the right side is a due to the fact that not all the books have the same proportions.

You can definitely pick out common features. Small white letters on the top, lighter images (probably people) in the center.

Average USA Today bestseller book cover

Via If We Assume.