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This is probably the first book bought on Amazon

First book bought on Amazon

Back in 1995, John Wainwright was one of the beta testers for Amazon site. On April 3, he ordered Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies by Douglas Hofstadter.

This is believed to be the first public order from the website. Interesting thing is that it was handled before officially launched, which happened in July.

A Quora thread, Amazon Company History, has more details. John Wainwright joined the discussion and shared the photo of the book together with a packing slip (picture above).

I think I ordered the book over a T-1 connection at work, I was working at Kaleida Labs, the Apple/IBM joint venture, at the time.

The book is still in his order history listing! Release date for this hardcover edition is February 8, 1995.

Via The Next Web.

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