The Verge comparisons: iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD 7″

The Vergo logoThe Verge is an influential technology blog that runs also a very informative, but somehow underestimated, product section. You can find here product news and reviews for most popular electronic devices, including tablets and e-readers.

What’s even more useful, these devices can be pulled together into comparisons. You can compare up to six devices at once.

When 1st generation Kindle Fire was launched, everybody called it an “iPad killer”, while the comparison between devices with different screen sizes was not making a lot of sense. Now both Apple and Amazon have tablets in two size categories: smaller (7-8 inch) and bigger (9-10 inch).

Kindle Fire HD, both 7″ and 8.9″ is now available internationally, and many users living outside US have started to consider it as an alternative to locally available tablets, especially that Amazon Appstore already launched worldwide.

Below there is a side-by-side comparison between iPad Mini and 7-inch Kindle Fire HD. Don’t hesitate to visit The Verge product comparisons to add other models to the chart or compare bigger tablets from Amazon and Apple.

The Verge

The Verge: iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD 7″

The Verge - comparison between iPad Mini and Kindle Fire HD 7-inch