E-readers on the rise, Kindle is leading the pack (infographic)

Mashable shared this infographic two weeks ago, and it made me think of how quickly the data become outdated in such a dynamic and ever-changing topic as ebooks.

The Pew Internet study from April 2012 was used in a couple of infographics already, but what users can expect right now, is rather how ebooks and e-reading devices are going to be embraced in this year’s pre-Christmas time.

A small hint about customers’ preferences is in the part of the infographic with results of the survey, asking a question: “Which device do you own?” Kindle – 62%, Nook – 22%, the rest doesn’t really matter.

Info about international markets is very interesting. Worldwide sales of e-readers reached 12 million in 2010, and 14.7 million a year later. As international adoption of ebooks is gaining speed this year, we can expect a much bigger growth in 2012.

Via Mashable.

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