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The Literacy Store – a striking action to support reading, by McDonald’s (video)

After sharing Do Not Read This video from Room to Read, I just can’t resist the excitement of showing another great campaign that supports literacy.

What you’ve seen in the video is not a TV commercial with props and actors. The footage was shot in a real McDonald’s restaurant in Chicago, last autumn.

When you entered the restaurant you saw being absurd random sequences of letters, instead of words and sentences. Except McDonald’s logo there was not a single text in plain English. From menu boards to ketchup sachets to tray liners to toilet signs – everything was confusingly incomprehensible.

The action was designed to make visitors feel like illiterate children:

To a child who can’t read, the world can be a confusing place.

The Literacy Store was a part of a national campaign where McDonald’s replaced toys in Happy Meals with original children’s books. Over 20 million Literacy Meals were distributed in the first two weeks of November 2013 across the U.S.

The agency behind the campaign is Leo Burnett / Arc from Chicago. The creative team: Kamil Kowalczyk (copywriter) and Pablo Jimenez (art director).

McDonald’s Literacy Store has received many ad awards, including Silver Clio 2014 in experiential category.

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