Best tech gifts for book geeks 2019 (infographic)

Cool tech gifts 2019 for tech-savvy readers
Cool tech gifts 2019 for tech-savvy readers

Here is a quick and easy visual with cool gifts for tech-savvy book lovers in your life: mom, dad, kids, and your significant other.

The visual is based on a list of tech gifts for book geeks that we’ve just released (and updated a couple of times, already).

The list includes, among others:

  • Fashionable reading glasses that reduce 97% of blue light emitted by electronic screens
  • Long-lasting battery Bluetooth speakers that are perfect for audiobooks
  • Smart digital bookmark that features a timer and reading light
  • Membership and e-gifts for audiobooks and ebooks
  • The newest iPad model that’s best suited for reading
  • Book-shaped home appliances for kids
  • Unique two-in-one bedside lamp and USB charger

Click or tap the infographic to see it enlarged. Make sure to explore the original list.

Best tech gifts 2019 for book geeks - full size  infographic

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