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Key challenges for teaching and learning in 2018 (infographic)

Teaching and learning - key issues and challenges

Among most important topics to discuss are academic transformation, accessibility, and privacy issues.

Since 2011, Educause has been surveying the platform’s higher education community to identify vital teaching and learning challenges.

More than 900 members took part in the latest survey, helping recognize top opportunities for 2018. The most voted topics become focal points for discussions throughout the year, helping set up a framework for the future.

The top challenges for teaching and learning in 2018, according to the Educause Learning Initiative (ELI) survey, are:

  • academic transformation and faculty development – breakthrough learning and teaching models, innovative partnerships, evolution of the campus mission,
  • accessibility and universal design – developing effective practices and course designs that can be accessible by everyone,
  • faculty development – empowering and enabling faculty to develop active learning engagements,
  • privacy and security – formulation of policies for data sharing, educating faculty and students about best practices,
  • digital and information literacy – helping students develop new competencies in finding, evaluating, and managing digital information in the 21st century.

Identified areas can be great topics for discussion among educators, teachers, librarians, students, and anyone who cares about education. Follow this link to find an extensive list of articles and resources that will help you explore each topic in detail.

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2018 key issues in teaching and learning #infographic

Via Educause Blog.

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