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Animated gif: Why do you read

20 animated gifs book geeks will love to share

The most awesome animated gifs about books: pets and books, golden thoughts, funny situations, and more!

Book sculptures by Kelly Campbell Berry - The Count of Monte Cristo

Amazingly artful book sculptures by Kelly Campbell Berry (pictures)

These unique book sculptures are made by cutting illustrations from actual books and arranging them into beautiful sceneries. Kelly Campbell Berry is…

White Kindle on Instagram - picture 8

White Kindle in gorgeous lifestyle photos by Magda Plewa

Kindle 8 was released July 2016, and it became and it became an object of desire of many modern readers around the…

The aroma of old and new books explained #infographic

6 infographics and videos that explain book smell

The smell of books explained in detail in a list of videos, infographics, and pictures.

Werther and Grey - Antique Books scented candle

New candles from Werther & Gray offer a comforting scent of aged books

Werther & Gray offers a series of scented candles inspired by old copies of classic novels. Nowadays, when a growing number of…

Olde Books Purse by Think Geek

Olde Book – backpacks, purses, and messenger bags that look like vintage books

Olde Book – fashion items that can hold real books, designed and offered exclusively by Think Geek. Reading is fundamental to style.…

Light Bookmark - clever bookmark that folds down to become a mini light

This ingenious bookmark can be used as a mini light (pictures)

Brilliant things are usually as simple as possible. Just like this clever bookmark designed by Kouichi Okamoto from Kyouei Design. Called “Bookmark…

Sweet Tea Apothecary - Dead Writers

New literary perfumes from Sweet Tea Apothecary

If you love the smell of paper, you can have it by keeping a vintage book in your hand, but you can…

Crystallized Books - 1984

Old books turned into crystallized sculptures (pictures)

San Francisco-based artist Alexis Arnold creates sculptures and mixed media art that focus on time, transformation, and perception. One of Arnold’s most…

Book art by Cecilia Levy - picture 1

Damaged books turned into beautiful daily use products (pictures)

Formerly a graphic designer and bookbinder, Cecilia Levy, is now an independent artist who experiments with three-dimensional paper objects. Levy has found…

The Literary Tea Collection - Pride and Prejudice blend

Delicious tea blends inspired by classic literature (pictures)

A perfect gift for book lovers – a collection of literary tea blends inspired by classic novels by Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charlotte Brontë, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Sonnet 5 by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s sonnets visualized as signatures (pictures)

William Shakespeare’s sonnets are unique to the core. Why not showing them as unique signatures? Here is another great literary visualization from…

Book vending machines in Singapore - picture 1

Gorgeous book vending machines rolled out in Singapore (pictures)

BooksActually, an independent bookstore from Singapore, has set gorgeous book vending machines in the city. One of them is located at the…

Great authors presented as owls - Oscar Wilde

Great illustrations show famous authors as owls (pictures)

Scott Tyrrell has created a series of portraits that show how famous writers would look like if they were owls. Owls a…

Typographic posters of famous authors - William Shakespeare

Awesome portraits of famous authors created solely from letters (pictures)

Portraits of famous writers made from letters and punctuation marks. William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway, and more.

Harry Potter on a wall - picture 1

The first page of Harry Potter hand-painted on a wall (pictures)

Meredith McCardle, an author of the Annum Guard Series and an avid Harry Potter fan, has decided to express her love for…

Book sofa from Prospettiva Design - picture 1

A sofa that’s a book lover’s dream (pictures)

Try to imagine a sofa where you’d love to spend all day reading. Isn’t it similar to this one? Designed in Italy…

William Shakespeare: a historical timeline #infographic

William Shakespeare – a historical timeline

To celebrate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, The Telegraph have prepared a timeline of events that happened during the life…

Shakespeare's London Underground Map - close up

Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary London tube map (pictures)

In a special edition of the iconic London Underground map all 14 lines and 367 stations are renamed to celebrate the 400th…

The 100 most beautiful words in English #infographic

The 100 most beautiful words in English

Every language is full of beautiful words. Sometimes they are popular, sometimes you have to check their meaning in a dictionary. Robert…