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Yoga for book lovers #infographic

12 yoga poses for book lovers (infographic)

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to make resolutions. Reading more books and getting in shape is on a…

Codex Silenda puzzle book - opened

A wooden book with complex puzzles you have to solve to proceed (pictures)

Codex Silenda is an astonishing steampunk puzzle book that has to be solved if you want to continue reading. Books and puzzles…

Haruki Murakami: literary record #infographic

Songs featured in Haruki Murakami novels (infographic)

London-based graphic designer Jess Yanzio has created a wonderful chart that analyzes music in Haruki Murakami novels. The infographic is called Murakami:…

Book by Thijs Biersteker will judge whether you deserve to open and read it

This book won’t open if you try to judge it by its cover

When you approach this unique book, you are not the one to judge but to be judged. There are two reasons why…

Words - the book with all words invented by William Shakespeare

A stylish book with nearly 2,000 words invented by Shakespeare

To celebrate Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary, Prinz & Co works on a book that is all about the words first used by The…

The poster from Pop Chart Lab lets you scratch scratch off the gold from the book covers

A gorgeous scratch-off poster with 100 essential classic novels

The new poster from Pop Chart Lab features scratch-off covers of 100 classic books. Have you ever considered taking the challenge of…

Book sculptures by Thomas Wightman - Plague 4

Book sculptures by Thomas Wightman (pictures)

Edinburgh-based graphic designer Thomas Wightman, among many works of art, creates also book sculptures. He created a series of three works devoted…

A series of minimalist Harry Potter posters by Olly Moss

Minimalist Harry Potter posters by Olly Moss

Harry Potter fans will love these simple, magic, vintage-looking art prints by Olly Moss. How do you like the 2015 covers of…

Papercuts literary card game from Electric Lit

Papercuts is a gorgeous party card game about books and writing

Electric Literature released in Kickstarter a literary card game for the rude and well-read.

Literature vs. Traffic in Toronto - picture 7

A street in Toronto covered with 10,000 books (pictures)

Luzinterruptus art group brings their jaw-dropping interactive book installation to Toronto. You’ve probably seen these images already: books shining in the dark,…

Greeting cards from Obvious State feature entire short stories from famous authors

Greeting cards feature entire short stories from classic authors (pictures)

Short story greeting cards from Obvious State are a refreshing change from popular postcards that feature one-sentence quotes from books.

Book art by Brian Dettmer - Tower 70, 2013

Fascinating book and paper art by Brian Dettmer (pictures)

Explore amazing book carvings, 3D book installations, and book towers created by Brian Dettmer.

Bookish pins by Andrew Brozyna - Book Nerd

Pins and patches that’ll stylishly express that you love books

Book-loving illustrator and designer Andrew Brozyna offers in his Etsy shop, AJB Design, a collection of little bookish gifts: enamel pins and…

Visual notes: The Science of Storytelling

Gorgeous visual notes on learning, storytelling, and teaching (pictures)

A multimedia artist and visual thinking enthusiast Rebeca Zuñiga shares on her Flickr profile fantastic visual notes from events, books, articles, or…

Book illustrations by Jungho Lee - picture 3

Books as metaphors on illustrations by Jungho Lee (pictures)

Seoul-based graphic designer and artist Jungho Lee creates marvellous, dreamy, a bit surreal illustrations for books and magazines. Recently he has decided…

Animated gif: Why do you read

20 animated gifs book geeks will love to share

The most awesome animated gifs about books: pets and books, golden thoughts, funny situations, and more!

Book sculptures by Kelly Campbell Berry - The Count of Monte Cristo

Amazingly artful book sculptures by Kelly Campbell Berry (pictures)

These unique book sculptures are made by cutting illustrations from actual books and arranging them into beautiful sceneries. Kelly Campbell Berry is…

White Kindle on Instagram - picture 8

White Kindle in gorgeous lifestyle photos by Magda Plewa

Kindle 8 was released July 2016, and it became and it became an object of desire of many modern readers around the…

Addictive book smell in infographics, chart, and videos

Book smell explained: 7 infographics, charts, and videos

A detailed explanation of the phenomenon of the book smell. Explore videos, infographics, charts, and pictures.

Werther and Grey - Antique Books scented candle

New candles from Werther & Gray offer a comforting scent of aged books

Werther & Gray offers a series of scented candles inspired by old copies of classic novels. Nowadays, when a growing number of…