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Tablet and smartphone usage is exploding (infographic)

It’s pretty clear that multi-purpose mobile devices, tablets and smartphones, are taking over the world, but what figures stand behind it?

Check out this infographic freshly released by Illuminas, a global market research company. The chart is based on recent Illuminas study conducted for the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The study explores the multi-device lifestyle and provides insights on how and why consumers are using mobile devices.

It’s interesting to see that as much as 61% of tablet owners use their devices to read ebooks, only 5% less than watching videos. It gets even more surprising with smartphones. For 62% of owners smartphones are a primary device for reading ebooks – and that’s more than listening to music (59%) or playing games (only 39%).

Among single-purpose devices that are at risk to become obsolete there are mp3 player, GPS, camcorder – and e-reader. We already covered a Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading study which showed that for the first time tablets have become consumers’ preferred e-reading devices, overtaking dedicated e-readers.

What the Illuminas infographic doesn’t show, but study does, is how tablets and smartphones “are impacting use and future purchase intent for standalone consumer electronic devices.” Highlights from the study were published in a press release by the CEA. Non-members may buy the report in the CEA store.

Tablet and smarthone usage is exploding - infographic

Via Illuminas.