Strange clip appeared on official YouTube Kindle channel – watch before it’s removed

As I subscribe to Kindle official channel on YouTube, I got notified by mail that a new video arrived, called NYC Test.

Considering the timing, I thought that it could be the ad for Kindle Fire, which is going to be announced today, but there are a lot of questions:
– no sound in the clip
– takes from well-known films are combined with shots from commercials (Saab, Mitsubishi)
– too many stars (Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts and many more) – the budget for a commercial would be gigantic
– intro from a post-production company Plastercity Digital Post
– no Amazon/Kindle branding

All that would suggest that the clip has leaked from the editing studio and Kindle YouTube account was hacked to broadcast it. If yes, the video will be removed soon.

Update: a new clip arrived at Kindle channel at YouTube – New York customers talk about their Kindles.

Via YouTube.