Interactive pajamas that you can scan to read your kids a bedtime story (video)

What kid doesn’t love a bedtime story and what kid doesn’t wear pajamas? And what kid doesn’t love to use smart devices?

Smart PJs are world’s first and only interactive pajamas. The idea is amazingly simple. You can scan a code on the pajamas to start an automatic children’s storybook on your mobile device.

Scanning works the way QR codes do but don’t be afraid – the pajamas are not covered with boring black-and-white squares. Instead, to get a storybook, you take a picture of nice colorful dots that are spread all over the pajamas. Dots are grouped into patterns that are access to different books. Smart PJs pajamas have 50 different codes on them.

Smart PJs are truly innovative pajamas your kids will love. They combine fun and education. Pajamas for girls and boys are available, in fours sizes, for kids aged 1 to 8 years.

To scan and read a story, you need a special Smart PJs Stories app. You can get it for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

More videos to watch:

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