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Senserial offers an exciting new way to read novels

Senserial Ithaca novel

Ithaca by Mark Aragona – one of the novels offered by Senserial

Have you heard of serialized fiction? It’s a growing trend, that has become possible thanks to technology behind digital books.

Senserial is an innovative digital platform that wants to explore possibilities of serialized fiction and take reading to a fresh new level.

More and more readers switch to reading on their mobile devices. The content of ebooks can be delivered in a more flexible way, and this is what Senserial wants to make use.

The platform offers serialized novels, with new episodes being released every week – very much like TV series we look forward to weekly.

Erin Bell from Senserial explains:

While all of Senserial’s e-books can be downloaded in full and read in the traditional style, readers who want something extraordinary can opt to read the books with impressive graphics and a musical score to enhance their reading experience.

This helps readers further immerse themselves into the colorful worlds portrayed in each series.

Currently there are five senserials available. Each book is offered in two versions:

  •  illustrated ebook that comes in three formats to choose from: pdf, epub (for iBooks, Kobo, Google Play Books, Nook), mobi (for Kindle),
  •  a special version tailored for iPad and other tablets.

So far, four episodes have been released for each title. New episodes will come at the beginning of October. The release date for each book is different, so that you could enjoy one new story at a time.

Each episode has about 5,000 words. Novels from Senserial will be serialized into 12 episodes.

The books are available on Senserial website, but they have been also published on Smashwords and Amazon.

The company is planning to run a Kickstarter campaign. We will inform about it, so stay tuned.

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