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Send content to Kindle via Readability – right from your iPad

Many iPad owners are using read-later services like Instapaper or Readability. They offer a send-to-Kindle feature and you can usually set up an option to send daily digests to your ereader.

But what if you want to send just selected articles – the ones you find in an RSS or Twitter or Facebook app? You can visit your account in the web browser and manually pick up articles to be sent.

Is there a way to make it quicker? One option is to use RSS readers which are integrated with send-to-Kindle services, like Mr. Reader with SENDtoREADER.

Another way, and this post is about it, is to install a send-to-Kindle bookmarklet in iPad’s Safari.

Readability is my favorite service and I’m using their send-to-Kindle bookmarklet for several months.

Readability for iOS application is already available in the AppStore (by the way, it’s gorgeous, you have to get it), but it doesn’t give an option to send articles to the Kindle – which is understandable. The purpose of the app is to be a destination, not a transfer station.

Install Readability Send-to-Kindle bookmarklet in Safari

1. Grab the code from below – select the line, then copy it to clipboard (press Ctrl+C).


2. Paste the code into an email, send email to yourself and open it on your iPad (preferably in a native Mail app). Grab the code.

3. Go to Safari, open any page you want and add it to bookmarks (we will replace the code with the right one in the next step).

To add a page to bookmarks, go to Options icon in a top left corner and tap on Add Bookmark. You can change the title to Send-to-Kindle and save it to Bookmarks Bar for quick access.

 4. Edit the entry – go to Bookmarks icon (on the left of Options) and then Edit. In our bookmark replace current address with the one grabbed from email. Done!

• • •

The bookmarklet should also work on the iPhone or iPod Touch, but you have to go through the login page which is not optimized for a smartphone screen.

If you own two devices, just add a bookmarklet once, on the iPad, and make sure you have synchronization of Safari bookmarks enabled (Settings » iCloud » Bookmarks » On).

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