Save $40 on Amazon Fire HD 10 and Cloud Cam bundle

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Limited time deal - save on Amazon Fire HD 10 and Cloud Cam bundle

Amazon Cloud Cam and Fire HD 10 are meant for each other. Now you can get them for $40 less.

For a limited time, the bundle that includes Amazon Fire HD 10 entertainment tablet and Cloud Cam indoor security camera costs $40 less, compared to the total price of these two devices bought separately.

Amazon Cloud Cam + Fire HD 10 bundle costs $229.98 ($269.98). It’s a great offer for anyone who wants to keep an eye on what happens at home while they are out.

Why are these two devices a perfect duo?

Let’s start from Amazon Cloud Cam. It’s an advanced indoor security camera that works with Alexa voice assistant technology. It can catch activities as they happen in 1080p Full HD, and sends a notification to a connected device, for instance, Amazon Fire tablet.

What’s more, the Cloud Cam can see clearly in the dark, thanks to night vision LEDs. Two-way audio enables you to immediately connect with your family member who’s at home. The camera offers a wide-viewing angle, and you can access activity clips from the last 24 hours.

While Cloud Cam is the most suitable device to monitor home, Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet is the most suitable device to manage the Cloud Cam.

The tablet’s crisp 1080p Full HD display will show you what happens at home at the same quality as caught by Cloud Cam. It’s the largest tablet offered by Amazon. The display is 10.1-inch and offers 1920 × 1200 resolution.

That is not all. Fire HD 10 is Amazon’s first tablet that you can control Alexa hands-free. In other words, you don’t need to tap on the screen to activate Alexa.

Imagine, any time you want to check out what’s happening at home, simply say, for instance, “Alexa, show me Tom’s Room” (where “Tom’s Room” is the name of the Cloud Cam). You’ll immediately see a lifestream video of your kid’s room, seeing clearly what happens inside, even when the light is turned off.

The offer is valid for a limited time only. The end date was not stated, so you’d better check it out today.

If you are interested in saving only on Amazon Cloud Cam, you can take a look at another promotion. Depending on how many cameras you are planning to buy, you can save:

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