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Project Gutenberg adds Dropbox integration

It’s my weekend habit to visit Project Gutenberg site to check if there are any new sci-fi titles added (yes, there are – Ray Bradbury’s science fiction fanzine Futuria Fantasia from 1939 – to name just one). What I also discovered is a nice, little feature every Dropbox user will love.

Now, from a book’s page you can download a file directly to your Dropbox account – with just one click. There is a new column added on the right, with Dropbox icons accompanying four file types:

  • epub with images
  • epub without images
  • kindle (mobi) with images
  • kindle (mobi) without images

Send files from Project Gutenberg to Dropbox

All you have to do is to click the relevant button and Dropbox will ask you to authorize Gutenberg app. Click Allow and the app will create a new folder, named gutenberg, where all the files downloaded from Project Gutenberg will be sent and stored.

From there you can automatically send newly added mobi files to your Kindle. Use this IFTTT recipe – any file added to the public folder in your Dropbox account will be sent to Kindle via email. Type in the email address field the one that is associated with your Kindle.

Remember to change the name of the folder from kindle to gutenberg, and to make the gutenberg folder public.

Now you can start downloading in bulk sci-fi stories from Philip K. Dick, August William Derleth, or Michael Knerr.