Kindle lovers, Prime Day doesn’t favor you this year

Are Prime Day Kindle deals worth it?
Are Prime Day 2019 Kindle deals worth it? / Photo: Balázs Kétyi, Unsplash

If you are planning to resubscribe to Amazon Prime mostly to get Kindle deals, think twice. This year, there are more cons than pros.

Some news sites are selling Kindle deals you can get during Prime Day 2019 as “huge,” with prices that have “never been better” or are “lowest ever.” Calm down. It is true but only partially.

Plus, when you compare what you get with what you give, you may come to the conclusion that Prime Day is not worth it this year.

What’s most important, however, is that if you had signed up for Prime before, ended the subscription, and want to resubscribe right now, you will have to pay the monthly fee upfront. There is no way to enjoy 30-day free trial again using the same account. A monthly fee makes any deal you get by $12.99 less attractive.

Let’s first go through a list of Kindle-related deals that are available during Prime Day 2019. It’s quick because there are only four Prime-exclusive deals:

Prime Day as a shopping event is evolving and it’s the highest time Amazon should allow all customers to access the deals.

Here are the reasons why Prime Day is not as attractive for Kindle users as it used to be.

1. Prices of Kindle models are not the lowest ever

Prime Day 2019 deals - basic Kindle

In our Prime Day price watch, we compare prices of Kindle models since the beginning of this shopping event.

Kindle models that are on Prime Day sale list (the basic Kindle and Paperwhite) have by $10 higher regular prices than their predecessors.

As a result, if you are looking for the lowest possible price, you will not see it. Last year, the entry-level Kindle (previous-generation) was available for $49.99. The new model costs $59.99 this Prime Day.

It’s the same with the Paperwhite. Although the price drop is reaching $50, you can get the cheapest variant for $84.99. The previous-generation Paperwhite was available for $79.99.

2. One deal on a Kindle model is available for all customers

Amazon Kindle Oasis 2 deal for regular Amazon customers - July 2019

The newest Kindle Oasis 3 has launched three weeks ago, with adjustable warm light as the main upgrade. Although already available for pre-order, this model will be released on July 24th.

However, you can save on the previous-generation Kindle Oasis. If you are a Prime member, you can get the model for $174.99 instead of $249.99.

The big thing is that the price of Kindle Oasis 2 is reduced also for non-Prime members. You don’t have to be subscribed to Prime to get the device for $199.99 for the version with special offers and 8 GB of internal memory. Compared to the list price of $249.99, it’s a saving of $50 (20%).

It’s probably the last chance to get the Oasis 2 for under $200. It will be available while stocks last, so if you want to make sure you get it, you’d better hurry up.

3. Kindle Unlimited deal is available also for regular customers

One of the Prime-exclusive deals for Kindle users is a free 3-month Kindle Unlimited plan, worth $30.

The thing is that if you are planning to buy the Kindle, you can have the same plan bundled with your e-reader. It’s available for all Kindle models, including Kindle Oasis 2.

The difference is that if you are a Prime member, you can get this Kindle Unlimited deal without the need to buy a Kindle.

4. There is no deal on long-term Kindle Unlimited plans

One of the best deals during previous Prime Day events were the ones for avid readers. You were able to get a 24-month Kindle Unlimited plan for a price reduced by 40%, and you could save almost $100.

These huge Kindle Unlimited deals are gone. The only one is the 3-month plan, which – again – you can get when you buy any Kindle model, even if you are not a Prime member.

5. Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is fading away

Do you remember Kindle Owners’ Lending Library? It’s an Amazon Prime benefit that lets you borrow one Kindle book per month, from a list of eligible titles.

This feature is slowly dying. Amazon tends to replace it with Prime Reading (a rotating list of 1,000 – 2,000 titles) and push avid readers to join another subscription – Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is still there. However, it’s harder and harder to find eligible titles. Plus, the catalog is not growing but shrinking.

6. It’s a bad time to buy Kindle cases and accessories

I keep saying it: don’t buy cases and accessories during the hot shopping season. On Prime Day or Black Friday, the prices are usually higher than usual, and there are almost no deals.

The reason is simple. If you buy a device during Prime Day, you will also want a case cover, screen protector, charger, or earphones. There is a huge spike in demand, so sellers have no reason to compete with prices.

If you want to save on a case, you should either buy it right after the new Kindle model is launched or between most important shopping events.

7. Kindle deals for returning Prime members are not worth it

According to a recent report by RBC Capital Markets, as many as 59% of US households are Amazon Prime members.

Some members are loyal, but some join Prime before shopping season and cancel the subscription right away.

If you resubscribe to Prime, you are not eligible for another free trial. It means you pay $12.99 – it’s the amount of money you have to deduct from your total savings.

Let’s take an example. You resubscribe to Prime to get the new entry-level Kindle. The deal price is set at $59.99, and you don’t pay for shipping. But, as you have to pay a monthly fee, your total cost is $73.

The entry-level Kindle was available for $69.99 both before Mother’s and Father’s Day 2019. Non-Prime members are not eligible for free shipping, but even if you have to pay a few dollars more, the total cost is similar to the Prime Day deal.

8. When it comes to deals on Kindle books, all customers are equal

Prime Day deals on Kindle books are available for all customers

For every Prime Day, Amazon prepared a bigger and better deal on Kindle ebooks. Although labeled “Prime Day” these deals were available for all customers, not only Prime subscribers.

It’s the same this year. You don’t have to subscribe to Prime to access a list of over 1,000 best sellers for Kindle. The list is basically an extended Kindle Daily Deal merged together with a list of monthly deals.

What you have to keep in mind is that the Prime Day list is usually not as attractive as what you can see on Cyber Monday.

Amazon tries to give extra benefits to Prime members. One of them is a $5 credit which subscribers get when they spend on Kindle books more than $20.

9. It’s extremely difficult to cancel Prime subscription

How to cancel Amazon Prime membership - step 2

Some time ago, Amazon has completely changed the procedure of ending Prime membership.

Now, it is a nasty four-step process where you will be tricked into thinking you’ve canceled the membership – while you haven’t.

If you are joining Prime just for one month, to get all the Prime Day deals, and end membership before the next monthly fee is charged, be careful. In a few months, you may find out on your credit card balance that you are still paying $12.99 per month for a Prime membership.

Be sure you cancel Amazon Prime successfully by following our detailed guide.


Prime Day is a perfect shopping event for users who love to watch. It’s not so attractive for people who love to read.

As a Prime subscriber, you get free access to Prime videos and music, but if you read a lot of books, you will need another subscription – Kindle Unlimited.

Prime Day benefits for Kindle lovers are limited to getting a Kindle e-reader for a reduced price. If you wait a few more weeks, you can see Kindle deals again – back-to-school shopping event starts in the mid-August.

Obviously, if you are planning to buy much more than just the Kindle, you can open your mind to thousands of other Prime Day deals and offers.

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