Readmill: users read more books on smartphones than tablets

Readmill report users read more on phones

A screenshot from Readmill presentation / click to enlarge

What is better for reading books: a tablet or a smartphone? Most people would say it’s the tablet. Most common reason would be the bigger screen.

Well, that’s not exactly what comes out of the report presented by Readmill’s CEO and co-founder Henrik Berggren, during Media Evolution conference in Malmö, Sweden, a couple of weeks ago.

A general conclusion is that users spend more time reading on their phones than tablets.

The screenshot above compares the usage of the Readmill social book reading iOS application between iPad (tablet) and iPhone/iPod Touch (phone) users.

Taking tablet as a reference, the smaller device beats it almost in every activity. It includes how frequent users open the app, time spent reading one book, or, what’s most important – the number of books finished.

Also social reading activities, comments and follower management, were much more often on the iPhone.

What differs this report from surveys is that it’s based on the actual usage of the application. Readmill for iPad was released in August 2011, long before the iPhone version came out in February this year. Readmill team was surely surprised discovering how the usage split between smaller and bigger screen.

The report also compares how Germans and Americans read during a day (hint: Germans read much more on the go).

Find out more in Readmill’s Slideshare presentation embedded below:

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