Original Spot wall mount holder for Amazon Echo Dot is currently 45% off

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Original Spot by Dot Genie is a wall holder for Amazon Echo smart speaker

Right now, you can get the original Echo Dot wall mount holder from Mount Genie for under $9.99.

Smart speakers would be even smarter if they let their users avoid the “cable mess” syndrome.

Luckily, what the device can’t do, the accessory can. That’s why mount holders that can fix a small speaker on the wall outlet are getting more and more popular.

The Spot by Dot Genie is a smart outlet plug-in wall mount hanger for the 2nd-generation Amazon Echo Dot. It’s the first and original outlet mount for Amazon Echo Dots speakers.

Designed and produced in the United States, it enables users to free up space and cut long cords.

How does it work? Put Amazon Echo Dot inside the holder, and place the holder in the wall socket. It can be used with both vertical and horizontal outlets. It will take you a few minutes, and solve the problem for long months.

The Spot wall mount for the 2nd-generation Amazon Echo is a great and affordable solution for kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. It does not only hides the cords but frees up space on the kitchen desk or bedside table.

And now, Spot wall holder for Amazon Echo Dot is more affordable than ever before. The current price reduced to $9.89. It’s a 45% saving, as the regular price of the accessory is set at $17.99.

What’s more, if you decide to buy a set of two Spots, you will spend $17.99 instead of $35.98 , so the saving is even bigger, reaching 50%.

Dot Genie offers Spot wall holders in five colors: Black, Coffee, Gray, White, and Aqua. The accessory can be shipped from the US Amazon store to almost 100 countries and destinations worldwide.

The Spot outlet wall mount is this kind of accessory that would be first on the to-buy list by anyone who struggles with finding the right place for their Amazon Echo speakers. That’s why we’ll add it to our Black Friday 2018 watchlist to see how deep the price cut can be during the biggest shopping event of the year.

⇢ Spot for Echo Dot

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Amazon Echo outlet wall mount holder from Mount Genie

The original Spot wall outlet plug in mount holder for Amazon Echo 2nd generation smart speaker

Mount Genie outlet wall mount holder for Amazon Echo 2nd-generation

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