The old and torn book restored to look like brand new (video)

Some people pick up old, tattered books and turn them into pieces of art. Some use old books to make vintage Kindle or iPad covers.

There is one more way to bring life to the old book. The one this book deserves most. Make it look brand new.

Okano Nobuo is a Japanese craftsman who for the past 33 years has been restoring old books to the condition they looked like being just purchased in the bookstore.

In the video above you’ll see a truly magical transformation of an old Japanese-English dictionary.

The tedious job required Okano to take each page—all 1000 of them—and flatten out all the creases with tweezers and an iron. But not everything is repaired. Okano makes some things disappear, like the initials of an old girlfriend. And much like the way a sculptor removes pieces to improve on it, Okano applies a subtractive process to bring the book back to life.

Via Mental Floss.

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