Now Google lets you find related content easily

Google made new improvements to web search and one thing is especially helpful. If you find a page that is interesting, you can immediately look for related websites.

For example, if you’d like to find websites similar to Project Gutenberg, simply click on a drop-down menu arrow that is placed next to site’s address. Then click on “Similar” and you should be able to see related sites. What’s important, you’ll see just the front pages of the sites, not a lower-level content – that’s what you are looking for, right?

Google - find related content from a drop-down menu

The drop-down for similar content is just the easy way to perform a search using the “related:” phrase.

In a screenshot above you’ll see one more feature. You can browse Project Gutenberg right on Google web, via search box at the bottom of the site’s entry. At the time I was writing a post about site-specific Google search, only a couple of news sites had it.

If Google will add new features that often, you can expect very soon a post on how ebook lovers can get the most of Google tools. Stay tuned!

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