4 ways to check Nook Daily Find

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Nook Daily FindUpdated on July 6, 2012: We added a forth way: Nook Daily Find RSS feed. Check the end of the post for details.

Nook Daily Find is Barnes & Noble’s response to Kindle Daily Deal.

I’m tracking Nook deals for several days now and they are generally priced between $2 and $4. That means the books are more expensive than deals from Kindle Store.

On the other hand, the books are more attractive. Recently, for instance, Jodi Picoult’s The Pact was featured. Also, there are much more non-fiction, and especially self-improvement, books than in Kindle Daily Deal.

If you are a registered user of Barnes & Noble and are planning to try ebooks any time soon, or if you want to compare ebookstores before making a final decision on which store to go with, you may want to explore Nook Daily Find – in order to find out how attractive the deals are.

Here are the three easy ways to check Nook deals daily.

1. Bookmark Nook Daily Find page in your browser

Go to Nook Daily Find landing page and to bookmark it press Crtl+D, if you’re on a PC computer. If you’re using a Mac computer, press Command+D.

You can also bookmark a page in a browser on your tablet or even add the icon to the home screen. iPad users can follow these simple instructions on how to do it (the example of Kindle Store is used, but works for any webpage).

Also, for quick access from a mobile browser, you can type a short address linking directly to Nook Daily Find page: bit.ly/nookfind.

2. Use social media

If you are using social media heavily, you can get updated with Nook Daily Find without leaving your favorite network.

On Twitter, just follow the official profile of Barnes & Noble Nook (@nookBN). If you want to compare daily deals from Kindle and Nook ebookstores, you can just follow our profile (@ebookfriendly).

It’s a bit worse on Facebook, where Barnes & Noble don’t regularly share ebook deals from their Nook page. You can add Ebook Friendly page, if you want to keep being updated.

3. Get daily email updates

Finally, you can just subscribe to Nook Daily Find by email. Go to the landing page and under the information with the current deal, you will see a box:

Nook Daily Find - subscribe by mail

Type in your email address, and you’ll receive exclusive daily alerts from the following day.

4. Get updates via RSS feed

Barnes & Noble doesn’t offer Nook Daily Find RSS feed. Fortunately, we were able to create such a feed, which pulls the content from the official Nook Daily Find page.

You can get RSS feed from this link: Nook Daily Find RSS. It’s also possible to get email updates. Both ways are powered by FeedBurner. For more details, please read this blog post.

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