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Nimble shows ways to use augmented reality in libraries (video)

Nimble is a wonderful concept by a London-based interactive designer and Google engineer Sures Kumar.

The video shows how useful augmented reality can be in libraries. Developed three years ago it might have been something too futuristic at that time.

Now, especially when we take into consideration the digital roadmap for libraries, Nimble seems to offer not only clever, but very useful ideas.

My favorite one is a special digital library card. It will navigate you to the shelf with the book you are looking for. There is no need to learn about library classification systems any longer. What’s more, the card will spot the book even when it’s not placed on a bookshelf.

You can navigate spatially and orient yourself in the direction of your search using the digital search compass.

The other fantastic idea shows ways to enhance with technology the reading of the printed book. Imagine an augmented library desk. Place the book on it, and you can perform exactly the same actions as with the ebook.

Simply, select content (and it’s easier than you think), and you will:

  • look for more information in Google or Wikipedia,
  • share the selected text in social media,
  • capture the image.

Sures Kumar is working on a prototype. Let’s hope one day we will see these ideas in libraries!

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