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New, Pinterest-like home page of Ebook Friendly

It’s been a year since Ebook Friendly officially launched. Since that time we shared over 1,000 posts, tips and books. 700 users decided to get free updates of our feeds.

Many thanks to all of you for reading us and spreading the word among your friends and followers.

We’ve been constantly improving the site during that year, but one thing remains intact – we want to let users focus on reading. That’s why we stick to the idea of a distraction-free interface, which looks more like an ereading application rather than a website.

This approach has one disadvantage, however. The content is hidden and somehow hard to discover. That’s why I redesigned Ebook Friendly’s home page to bring to one place all what’s best in our site.

If you scroll down the home page, you’ll see not only the bookshelf with the featured books (which is used to be here from a very beginning), but also the best selection of how-to posts, opinions, cartoons, and infographics. It’s presented in a form of cards, and it’s done on purpose – to show right away how versatile is the content we share at Ebook Friendly.

A friend of mine said that the page looks now a lot like Pinterest. It’s a compliment for a web designer, but in fact we have nothing to do with Pinterest, except the design idea. Pinterest is about content aggregation (=overload), we are about content curation. Less is more.

Even if you don’t subscribe to EF, you can easily check the recently added entries right from the home page. But when you move to a post or a book, you can be sure nothing will distract you from reading.

• • •

Please, share your thoughts on the new design. Is there anything you miss? How could we improve it? Would you add or remove anything? I would be grateful for your opinion. Thanks!