New Kindle Fire commercial focuses on reading (video)

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So far, I haven’t seen a Kindle Fire commercial that was fully devoted to reading. Well, things change, and Amazon has two strong reasons to put more stress on using Kindle Fire for reading.

First one is a new interactive app (free in the Amazon Appstore, but with a subscription option – $7.99 a month), Reading Rainbow, based on a famous children’s TV series, which since 1983 encouraged reading among children.

The app should be fun for both kids and parents. It contains over 300 books, with interactive activities in every book, reward program for kids, and a parent dashboard to see a child’s progress in reading.

Hosted by LeVar Burton, this unlimited reading service offers a trusted library of books customized to your child’s interests, plus exciting video field trips to visit fascinating people and places. New books and videos are added every week.

The app’s launch happens a couple of days after Amazon Appstore went international, but the app is available only for US customers.

There is also the other thing that may explain bringing Kindle tablets closer to reading. Tablets win over e-readers when it comes to users’ preferences. The Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading study conveyed by Book Industry Study Group (BISG) and Bowker Market Research, shows that for the first time tablets have become consumers’ preferred e-reading devices, overtaking dedicated e-readers.

Via Kindle on YouTube.

Reading Rainbow Kindle Fire applicationReading Rainbow (Kindle Tablet Edition)

An on-the-go library of quality books and video field trips for children ages 3 to 9.

Hosted by LeVar Burton, this unlimited reading service offers a trusted library of books customized to your child’s interests, plus exciting video field trips to visit fascinating people and places. New books and videos are added every week.

Children travel to five themed islands, such as Animal Kingdom, Awesome People and Genius Academy, discovering quality Encourage your child to be a Reading Rainbow adventurer with this on-the-go library of more than 300 quality books and video field trips. Unlimited reading… curated personally by LeVar Burton.

FREE to try, the all new Reading Rainbow app encourages children to explore the magic of books by providing an unlimited reading service specifically customized to your child’s interests. Offering quality books, dozens of exciting video field trips, and with a collection that grows every week, the App, like its Television Show predecessor, brings alive the love of reading for your child.

Children begin their adventure by traveling to themed islands, discovering the highest quality fiction and non-fiction books from acclaimed authors and illustrators. Each book comes alive with audio storytelling by spoken word Grammy winner Burton himself, and his hand selected group of professional actors. Books also feature light interactions and activities that encourage engagement with the stories without ever distracting from a books own personal nature and literature.

Similar to the Reading Rainbow television series, video field trips introduce your child to fascinating people and places that connect the stories to the world they live in. With dozens of new segments as well as some beloved classic videos, you and your children can explore our extraordinary world together..

Reading Rainbow is the winner of the Mom’s Choice award, a PC Magazine “Top 100 App” and one of the most popular educational apps

The app is free to try and a subscription service is available offering unlimited access to the library for an introductory price of $7.99 a month or a valued price of $19.99 for six months (less than $3.50 per month).

Key Features

  • Over 300 books and video field trips
  • New books and videos added every week
  • Easy discovery of books based on your child’s age and interests
  • Every book offers both a Read to Me or Read on my Own options
  • Delightful interactive activities in every book
  • Reward program to motivate reading
  • Parent dashboard to share a child’s reading progress
  • More themed islands coming soon with content from renowned children’s publishers and brands

How the Reading Rainbow App Works

  • All app users may select a single book and view introductory videos for free
  • To subscribe and receive unlimited access to the library, choose either a monthly recurring subscription for $7.99 or a six-month recurring subscription for $19.99
  • Your subscription is for your Kindle account and can be used on other Kindles you own
  • Payments will be charged to your account at confirmation of purchase
  • Your subscription will auto-renew unless auto-renewal is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You may turn off auto-renewal at any time from your Amazon Kindle account settings for subscriptions
  • Subscriptions cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period

Amazon Appstore Free

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