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New commercial of Kindles puts stress on family consumption (video)

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It was inevitable that sooner or later someone would start talking about ereaders and tablets as devices to be bought and used by families.

So far, the mobile device was all about personal preferences. Now it’s changing, and Amazon clearly shows the evolution of the behavior. Last Christmas was most certainly the turning point in how people perceived the role of ereaders and tablets in their lives: not for yourself, or not only for yourself.

There is a strong economic context in the commercial. The cost of two Kindles Fire and the Kindle 4 is compared to the iPad. Low price is an essential factor encouraging to add new devices, no doubt about it.

But what is also very interesting is how the devices will be shared and used by family members, for instance, how many accounts will the family use to buy content for the connected devices.

Via Kindle – YouTube.