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Your mother will love the newest Kindle (and you will love its current price)

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The 2019 Kindle model with front light
The newest Kindle e-reader sports the front-lighted display and has just been discounted by $20 in a limited time deal for Mother’s Day 2019 / Image: Amazon

In a first-ever price discount, the newest front-lighted Kindle model is available for only $69.99.

The long-expected basic Kindle 2019 model was introduced less than a month ago, and it offers a set of features that are perfect for your mom (and dad, too).

First of all, your mother will love the fact that Kindle 2019 comes with the front-lighted display. There’s no need to keep a bedside lamp turned on or buy a detachable light.

The light is coming from around the edges of the screen and is not directed into a face. A result? Eyes don’t get tired as quickly as when reading on an Apple iPad or Fire tablet.

Secondly, the 2019 Kindle can play Audible audiobooks. It doesn’t have a phone jack, so you’ll probably need to help your mother pair the device with Kindle-compatible bluetooth headphones or speakers.

An easy to use interface and most-requested features make the Kindle 2019 model a perfect gift for your beloved ones. Especially now, when its price has been reduced for the first time since launch on April 10.

The first huge deal on the newest Kindle 2019 model is released for Mother's Day

In a Mother’s Day deal you can get the basic Kindle for $69.99 instead of $89.99, so your saving is $20 – enough to buy one of the beautiful third-party cases or sleeves.

And if you are still not convinced whether Kindle 2019 is the best of the best you can give your mom this year, make sure to check out other limited-time offers on Kindle and Fire devices, or explore Mother’s Day 2019 Gift Shop on Amazon, where you can find hand-picked items across several categories.

The newest Kindle is smoother than a previous-generation model. Its oval shape and gently curved front and back make it the most feminine of the Kindle e-readers.

Kindle 2019 is available in either black or white (Paperwhite doesn’t have the white version, yet). You can select a version with 3 months of Kindle Unlimited free of charge. The subscription is worth almost $30.

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Basic Kindle (2019 release, 10th generation)

All-new Kindle 11th-generation 2019 release thumbnail

White / 4 GB

Meet the all-new Kindle, now with a built-in adjustable front light so you can read indoors and outdoors and at more times of day. Purpose-built for reading, Kindle features a glare-free touchscreen display that reads like real paper, even in direct sunlight.

Adjustable front light
The glare-free screen and built-in front light are easier on your eyes than backlit screens, so you can read for hours.

One-handed reading
Kindle is thin and light, making it easy and comfortable to hold in just one hand.

Read distraction-free
Highlight passages, look up definitions, translate words, and adjust text size – without ever leaving the page.

Holds thousands of books
With 4 GB storage, Kindle lets you take your entire library with you on the go.

At-a-tap controls
Highlight passages, look up definitions, translate words, and adjust text size – all without leaving the page.

Long battery life
Unlike tablets and smartphones, Kindle lets you read for weeks on a single charge.

Enjoy more books with Audible
Pair with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to switch seamlessly between reading and listening.

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