21 most functional iPad mini 5 cases and sleeves (2021 edition)

The best case covers, sleeves, and accessories for Apple iPad mini 5 tablet
The best iPad mini 5 cases across all categories. All are durable, functional, and look amazing!

What kind of iPad mini 5 case are you looking for? We’ve selected the best in each class: Smart Cover alternatives, durable heavy-duty cases, fashionable sleeves, keyboard cases, and covers with Apple Pencil holder.

Note: Are you looking for cases that would fit the newer iPad mini model released in 2021? Check out a roundup of the best iPad mini 6 covers.

The compact iPad mini 5 looks the same as the 4th-generation model, but most improvements have been made under the hood.

iPad mini 5 tablet features A12 Bionic chip, making it three times faster than its predecessor.

The display – 7.9‑inch Retina with True Tone – has the largest pixel density in the iPad family. It’s 326 ppi compared to 264 ppi of all other iPads (including Pro models).

Last, but not least, iPad mini 5 comes with Apple Pencil (1st-generation) support. If you are planning to buy the stylus, think about getting the case that provides safe space for this accessory.

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As we’ve mentioned, iPad mini 5 has the same dimensions as the 4th-generation model, and many users ask whether they could use their old cases.

There are two small changes in the design of the iPad mini:

  • volume buttons are slightly larger
  • microphone is moved to top center position

It makes many iPad mini 4 cases unusable or hard to use with the newest model. Do you want to dig deeper in the issue? Make sure to read more about iPad mini 5 case compatibility.

We assume you already know what’s available in the Apple’s online store (not much, as usual). That’s why, in the list below you will find the best Apple iPad mini 5 third-party case alternatives. You can get them from Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Best Buy.

The photos you’ll see will let you quickly judge the look and quality of each case. Images that explain all features in detail are usually ugly, and we deliberately avoided including them in this overview. You can find them on product pages in each online store.

The best iPad mini 5 cases – highlights

The best Apple iPad mini 5 cases sleeves

Apple iPad mini 5 cases selected for this overview will help you better define your preferences: from solid Smart Cover alternatives, to durable & protective heavy-duty cases, to fashionable sleeves (including girly ones), to cases with built-in Apple Pencil holder.

Therefore, no matter whether you are looking for the most functional iPad mini 5 case or the premium leather sleeve, you will find here a few inspiring examples.

Are there any iPad mini 5 case covers or sleeves we’ve missed in this overview? Make sure to send us a tip on social media: Twitter or Facebook.

The best iPad mini 5 cases – ultimate 2021 guide

1. Soft rubberized tri-fold case cover

Soft rubberized smart cover for Apple iPad mini 5
Soft rubberized iPad mini 5 smart cover alternative

Our pick: The best iPad mini 5 case with flexible back

Since iPads are sold on Amazon through the Apple Authorized Reseller Store, more and more users decide to shop for all things Apple here.

And they discover how many great third-party alternatives they can find for the Apple’s original Smart Cover.

ESR Rebound is one of the best designs. It combines a tri-fold cover with a back case made of soft and flexible TPU. Thanks to that, the case can be easily installed or removed, while offering a solid stand functionality and support for auto sleep / wake.

The case is available in five colors, including Rose Gold and Papaya.

⇢ Amazon – $14.99

2. Affordable iPad mini 5 Smart Cover alternative

Tri-fold great-looking iPad mini 5 Smart Cover alternative

If you are looking for a Smart Cover alternative for Apple iPad mini 5 that’s available in a range of similar pastel colors as the famous Papaya or Pink Sand, you should check out Gudou on Amazon.

Gudou is a new brand on the market of third-party case producers, so you won’t find too many reviews and ratings yet. However, these covers are offered in subtle desaturated pastel colors, and they look awesome!

Which color are you into: Yellow, Blue, Pink, or Green?

⇢ Amazon – $12.99

3. UAG armor folio iPad mini 5 case

UAG Metropolis armor heavy-duty iPad mini 5 case
UAG Metropolis iPad mini 5 military case

Our pick: The best military-grade iPad mini 5 case

Many users were looking for this armor iPad mini 5 case to be released – and there it is!

From Urban Armor Gear comes an ultimate combination of advanced protection and multi-level functionality. The Metropolis case is made of lightweight military-grade materials in a rugged, low-profile design.

The Metropolis offers a built-in stand, oversize ports and tactile buttons to make sure your iPad mini will be a great companion of your next crazy adventure. Oh, and there is an Apple Pencil holder, too.

You can buy UAG Metropolis feather-light rugged case on Best Buy, but it’s also available on Amazon. There are three colors to choose from: Black, Cobalt, and Magma.

⇢ Amazon – $49.95

4. Heavy-duty transparent smart cover

Heavy-duty transparent smart cover compatible with both iPad mini 5 and 4
Heavy-duty transparent smart cover for iPad mini 5 and 4

Our pick: Clever combination of protective features and lightweight look

The biggest problem with armor cases is that they look overwhelming, like being take right from a military facility.

The solution? Get a case that gives enhanced protection but looks like a standard smart cover. Something women would much appreciate.

Take a look at a iPad mini 5 heavy-duty case offered by Valkit. The front part is a typical tri-fold cover in popular colors (Gold, Rose Gold, White, Graphite, or Purple).

The genuine idea is on the back side. The case is made of a durable hard PC with TPU, rugged, giving a much higher level of shock protection that most other cases. The case is tested to keep iPad protected when dropped from one meter.

Although the back shell is quite thick (to make the case as much impact resistant as possible), it doesn’t look heavy as the plastic is transparent.

⇢ Amazon – $15.99

5. Rugged case with reinforced corner protection

Apple iPad mini 5 heavy-duty case with reinforced edges

Here is another idea for a case that will help your iPad survive most drops.

This on-piece rugged protective iPad mini 5 case is made of durable silicone, and designed the way to ensure reinforced corner protection.

Using AirWave “rib and cell” technology, the case should handle a drop onto a hard floor from the waist height.

Available in Red, Black, Blue, and Fiji Blue.

⇢ Amazon – $19.95

6. Fashionable but protective iPad mini 5 case

Fashionable and protective iPad mini 5 case

Top feature: Clever combination of boutique-style look and protective features

Who said that a protective iPad case should look like being taken right from a military camp?

The case from i-Blason is perfect for active women. It combines the fashionable boutique-style look with enhanced protection that’s typical for heavy-duty cases.

The extra protection is guaranteed thanks to using rugged dual-layer back shell and interior bumpers. A built-in screen protector will prevent scratches without compromising touch sensitivity.

The case can be used as a stand, in two angles. Auto sleep and wake feature is being supported; The back shell is flexible, so you can put the case on and off without any problem.

⇢ Amazon – $21.99

7. Italian 100% wool felt iPad mini sleeve

Nuaca handmade iPad mini 2019 felt sleeve

If you are looking for a universal alternative to smart covers – something that would be used with more than one generation of the iPad mini – think about the sleeve rather than a tailored case.

This slim and stylish sleeve is hand-crafted with love in Italy of 3 mm 100% premium wool felt, colored in burgundy, and complete with a secure leather closure.

The sleeve is compatible with all generations of Apple iPad mini tablet. You can also check out 50 other variants made of light and dark felt.

⇢ Etsy – $32.99

8. Leather iPad mini 5 sleeve with Apple Pencil holder

City Sheep Store iPad mini 5 leather and felt sleeve

And here is another popular iPad mini sleeve you can find on Etsy.

It’s handmade by good folks at City Sheep Store, and combines natural beauty with premium executive-style look.

The most prominent feature of the sleeve is a large external pocket for iPhone, business cards, earphones, and other essentials. A pencil holder has been added exclusively for iPad mini 5 version.

This iPad case is designed and manufactured from natural materials: merino wool felt and genuine leather, so it will be a great expression of your personal style and way of life no matter where you are.

– Producer’s description

⇢ Etsy – $54.99

9. Personalized leather iPad mini 5 sleeve

Personalized genuine leather and felt iPad mini 5 sleeve

Top choice: The best premium leather sleeve for iPad mini 5

From our favorite Etsy shop with handmade accessories for all things Apple, comes a new luxurious sleeve made of premium Crazy Horse type leather and 100% wool felt.

Inside the leather layer is 2 mm felt lining for enhanced protection. Two pockets on the outside are perfect for business cards and essentials.

The best thing about the sleeve from Crazy Horse Craft is a way to personalize it. In a note to seller, you can order your custom text to be stamped on the front side in a classic serif font.

Your initials or name will be burnt into the leather creating a sharp and stylish personal touch.

⇢ Etsy – $77.99

10. Bluetooth keyboard case with Apple Pencil holder

Functional iPad mini 5 Bluetooth keyboard case with Apple Pencil holder
Full-size keyboard case for Apple iPad mini 5th-generation

Are you looking for a durable keyboard case for your new iPad mini? There are several models available already (and counting), but so far the most functional one is offered by Feitenn.

The case is not only the thinnest iPad mini keyboard case you can get right now. It features the full-size Bluetooth keyboard with gentle key responsiveness, offering a writing experience similar to laptops.

The rugged design with rubberized exterior is resistant to water and dirt. Most importantly, the case has a built-in holder for Apple Pencil. The pen can be easily placed and removed.

⇢ Amazon – $34.99

11. Brydge backlit keyboard case for iPad mini 5

Brydge iPad mini 5 premium keyboard case

If you are looking for the best third-party keyboard for your new iPad mini, you should check out the one from Brydge.

This slim case is made of similar premium-level materials as the Apple tablet itself. When you install it on your iPad mini, you will have a feeling of holding one unified device, especially that color variants reflect the color range of the iPad.

The full-size keyboard includes the top row of dedicated iPadOS function keys. The keys are backlit, and you can choose from three brightness levels. Natural tactile key movement makes typing on a Brydge keyboard much more enjoyable than on a MacBook Butterfly.

What’s important, the case lets you adjust the angle of the iPad between 0 and 180 degrees, while still keeping the device stable.

The keyboard doesn’t feature a Smart Connector. It connects with the iPad via Bluetooth module. You can put Brydge into pairing mode by pressing and holding for 3 seconds the button on the front left side of the keyboard.

The Brydge iPad mini 5 keyboard case is being constantly updated. If it’s unavailable, make sure to add it to your wishlist, and come back some time later.

⇢ Amazon – $39.99

12. Universal folding pocket-size Bluetooth keyboard

iClever universal foldable Bluetooth keyboard compatible with iPad mini 5

Our pick: The best foldable keyboard that’s compatible with iPad mini 5

A keyboard case can considerably improve your writing speed on the iPad mini. It has, however, one disadvantage – most probably you won’t be able to use it with your next iPad.

That’s why it’s good to consider a more universal solution – a standalone Bluetooth keyboard. And, as iPad mini’s biggest benefit is its compact size, you should also go for a compact keyboard.

Meet one of the most popular folding Bluetooth keyboards that are offered on Amazon. Made by iClever, it’s recommended for writers, editors, bloggers, and students. It’s 180-degree foldable, and measures only 5.7 inches (14.48 cm) when folded.

⇢ Amazon – $36.99

13. Crystal clear transparent back case

Apple iPad mini 5 crystal clear soft case

So, you still haven’t found the perfect case. But you need your iPad mini to be protected, right?

What about getting an affordable and simple case that could be used until you find the right one?

This transparent case from Avidet seems to serve that purpose perfectly. It’s the thinnest and lightest iPad mini 5 case you can get and provides basic protection for the iPad while showing off all its glory. It protects against dust and scratches, giving instant access to all ports.

Note: This case is not compatible with the Smart Cover and Smart keyboard

⇢ Amazon – $8.99

14. Mandala-themed clear iPad mini 5 case

Mandala clear transparent iPad mini 5 case

If the clear case is too simple for, get the one with personality.

Offered by Pink Piggy Studio on Etsy, this iPad mini 5 (2019) case features a gorgeous mandala pattern circling around the Apple logo. It looks incredible on the silver variant, but it would look even better on the gold one!

You can choose the mandala art work on a plastic or silicone back case, or order it together with the front tri-fold cover (in either black or white).

⇢ Etsy – $16.99

15. Handmade polka dot iPad mini 5 sleeve

Handmade cute polka dot iPad mini 5 sleeve

Our pick: The most adorable iPad mini 5 sleeve

You are looking at the cutest iPad mini 5 sleeve you can get!

Hand-crafted with heart by Julia Cute Cases, the sleeve is a perfect gift for an iPad-loving girl. It featured polka dot on a shape that resembles a friendly kitten.

The sleeve is made of three layers. Inside, there is a smooth lining. The second layer made of fleece gives a soft touch and extra protection. On the outside, you will see a beautiful natural fabric, forming the ultimate cute look.

Besides the Yellow Cat, you will find in a Julia Cute shop on Etsy a dozen of other designs for iPad mini 5 (and older generations, as well).

⇢ Etsy – $16.99

16. iPad mini 5 tempered glass screen protector

Apple iPad mini 5 compatible screen protector

Now, the only thing that’s left to give your iPad mini all-round protection – even when you are using it – is the screen protector.

The one from Top Ace is 9 times harder than common glass. It’s only 0.3 mm thick, giving full touchscreen sensitivity, also when using Apple Pencil.

High-definition clarity maximizes transparency. It’s important, having in mind how fantastic is the display of the 5th-generation iPad mini.

⇢ Amazon – $7.99

17. Tri-fold smart cover with Apple Pencil holder

Tri-fold iPad mini 5 smart cover with built-in Apple Pencil holder

Best feature: Built-in Apple Pencil holder

As the iPad mini 5 supports Apple Pencil, many users are planning to buy the stylus (or hope to receive is as a gift some time soon).

Therefore, you have to make sure the pen will be protected when carrying it. One way is to get a separate Apple Pencil holder – there are hundreds of them on Amazon.

A better idea for your iPad mini 5 is to find the case that has a built-in Apple Pencil holder – like the one from Tramako. The holder is located on the left side of the display, so it’s hidden when the case is closed. Thanks to a flexible back shell, it’s easy to place and remove the pen.

⇢ Amazon – $16.99

18. Silicone sleeve Apple Pencil magnetic holder

Silicone sleeve Apple Pencil holder works great with iPad mini 5

Our pick: The best Apple Pencil holder for iPad mini 5

If you decide to go for a standalone Apple Pencil holder (a good idea if you are planning to use the stylus with more devices than just your new iPad mini 5), you should head to Amazon to find the largest selection of holder of all possible kinds.

We like the most the design that is using a silicone sleeve that has built-in magnets. Thanks to that, you will be able to attach the holder to any metal surface – including iPad cases that support auto sleep / wake function (they have magnets embedded in the front cover).

This silicone Apple Pencil holder includes a magnetic stripe that you can stick to any surface you want. The holder is available in a few colors, including Lavender, Ice Sea Blue, and Ivory White.

⇢ Amazon – $10.99

19. “Composition Book” iPad mini 5 case cover

"Composition Book" iPad mini 5 cover on Amazon

Top pick: Most popular iPad case design on Amazon

Cases that look like composition notebooks take the hearts of iPad owners by storm. They remind you that the iPad is here to help you learn, study, and create – the way you’ve never experienced before.

The “Composition Book” design will be offered for iPad mini 5 by many third-party case producers, there is no doubt about it. But for the time being, you can get it from Fintie.

What makes the case stand out is, besides the popular design, also a price, which is set under $10. It will not last forever. The price will get higher after the case earns enough positive reviews.

⇢ Amazon – $9.99

20. Solid iPad mini 5 case with a hidden Apple Pencil holder

Antbox iPad mini 5 case with hidden Apple Pencil holder

Top feature: A hidden Apple Pencil holder for increased protection

Take a look at a refreshing idea in this overview – a folio iPad mini 5 case that features a stylus holder placed in an unusual place – inside, on the left side of the iPad. Thanks to that, your precious stylus gets 100% protection at all times, what you couldn’t say about stylus loops that are placed outside other cases.

Another interesting thing is a special hole where you can put the Apple Pencil when using it.

The case supports auto sleep / wake feature. The magnets are stronger than in other cases, so the iPad wakes much quicker – in just 0.1 second.

The back shell is made of flexible material, making it easy to install and remove any time you want.

There are three variants to choose from: Red (shown above), Brown eco-leather, and Black eco-leather. Which one do you like the most?

⇢ Amazon – $25.99

21. Designer iPad mini 5 case with frosted back

MoKo floral iPad mini 5 case with translucent back

Our pick: The largest number of available variants

Are you looking for a case that offers a creative and unique design? From MoKo comes an iPad mini 5 case model which will give you the largest number of options, including fashionable patterns, floral design, modern-art inspired variants, as well as a few mainstream customer-favorited art works.

Each variant combines a tri-fold front with a transparent back made of frosted plastic showing off the beauty of your iPad mini any time you put it aside.

The front can be folded to form a stand, either horizontal for writing or vertical for watching. The auto sleep / wake feature is supported, and you can access all ports easily, thanks to a precise design. The inner side of the front is covered with soft microfiber to protect the Retina display from scratches and dust.

You can choose from 24 color options of the front cover, including the beautiful flower pattern shown above. A nice design element will let you see on a back a part of the front-side art work.

⇢ Amazon – $11.99

Where to buy iPad mini cases and accessories

New iPad mini 5 case covers and sleeves are being revealed every day. And although we update this post a few times a year, we may miss this one case that wins your heart the first time you see it.

Make sure to visit these online stores to have more options to choose from:

Amazon – the giant online store offers the largest selection of all kinds of case covers and accessories. If we had to pick one web destination for everything related to tablet and e-reader accessories, it would be Amazon.

Best Buy – the range of offered iPad mini cases and accessories is pretty limited, but the store is worth checking out if you want to buy cases and accessories at reduced prices.

eBay – a proven place to shop for affordable cases and accessories. Sometimes, you can pick up here the case that’s the same as the branded one you’ve found on Amazon, but costs two-thirds of the price.

Etsy – this is our favorite marketplace for custom items, hand-crafted to order. There are a plenty of unique sleeves and jackets to choose from. Most of them are handmade, many can be personalized.

Keep exploring. Here are more posts for iPad lovers:

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