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Meet YotaPhone – an Android smartphone with an e-ink display on the back

This prototype smartphone from a Russian LTE routers and modems producer seems to be one of the biggest stars of this year’s CES. On the surface it’s just a well designed, high-end Android Jelly Bean smartphone.

The trick hides on the back: it’s an e-ink display that can mirror the content of the regular LCD front display. You can pull content to e-ink by swiping down the regular screen with a two-fingered gesture.

A clear benefit of having e-ink: battery savings. You can read longer RSS articles or ebooks on the back display and the battery won’t run empty at the usual speed. It’s also a natural solution to make the content visible and readable in the bright sun.

But there is one more thing that makes this prototype extremely interesting. The picture on the e-ink display stays. That way you can preserve the information you need even when smartphone’s battery dies. It could be a boarding pass or a screen from Google Maps with directions.

The YotaPhone prototype is 9mm thick, but the company promises the final production unit to be thinner.

Via CNET Reviews.