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MagicReader is the iPad app which lets you turn pages by moving your head

If you own an iPad you may want to check this free e-reading app: MagicReader (iTunes link). It’s a very nice e-reading app – with one totally unique feature. You can flip through pages just by just turning your head!

From the app’s description:

For example, you can
* Read while eating with both hands,
* Read a recipe while cooking, and never have to touch the screen,
* Read a musical score while playing an instrument,
* Read a book while holding a baby in your arms,
* Go through documents while typing on a keyboard.

Currently, there are pdf, zip, cbz file formats supported, but according to app’s developer, Yutaka Rivas-Micoud, new formats are on the way.

Check the screenshots below, but to know how it feels, you should really download the app.

Via iTunes AppStore.