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Lioeo offers one of the most functional kid-proof iPad cases

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Lioeo iPad Shockproof Protective Stand Case

This kid-proof case for iPad 9.7 offers three handles for easy grip, all-round shock protection, and built-in stand.

Few people buy iPad exclusively to be used by their kids.

A much more popular option is to get an affordable and simple-to-use tablet, naming only the $49.99 Amazon Fire.

But if you already have the iPad at home, it will certainly draw the attention of your children. There are simply too many exciting things happening on its screen.

What to do to make sure the iPad will survive the 15-minute treatment from your toddler?

Getting an “emergency” kid-proof case that you can quickly put on the iPad every time you are going to read books or play games together seems like a reasonable solution.

You can find plenty of interesting kid-friendly cases for iPad, but the one recently released by Lioeo got our attention as it’s full of practical and well-thought details.

Available for under $20 on Amazon, Lioeo iPad Shockproof Stand Kid-friendly Case looks like a toy magnetic drawing board – and that’s its biggest benefit. It uses proven design and ergonomic ideas for kids.

Unlike other iPad cases for kids, it offers three handles. The one on top can be used to safely carry it with small hands. The ones on two sides – to safely hold it with small hands.

Another benefit is that the case has “legs.” And these legs are more than enough to use the iPad as a stand – to watch a family video or talk with the kid over FaceTime.

The case is shockproof. It meant that if the kid pushes the stand and it will fall on the floor from a small height, nothing wrong should happen. Because Lioeo case is made of high-quality, non-toxic, lightweight silicone EVA foam material, which provides “total front-and-back protection.”

The only thing I’m missing is the lack of a built-in screen protector. But that’s something parents buy right after their new iPad arrives, right?

⇢ Lioeo iPad Case

Lioeo iPad cases for children


From Lioeo comes one of the best kid-friendly standing cases

It’s one of the most functional and useful iPad cases for kids.


A kid-friendly case from Lioeo is shockproof

A kid-friendly case from Lioeo is shockproof.


Kid-proof iPad ergonomic case offered by Lioeo on Amazon is available in eight bright colors

Lioeo offers the cases on Amazon in eight bright colors.


Lioeo iPad case for children is available in a range of colors

Lioeo case has a built-in stand and side handles to help kids hold the tablet better.


Lioeo kid-friendly shock and dust proof protective case for iPad - in Pink

The case is shock and dust proof. It’s easy to take on and off.


Lioeo kid-friendly shock and dust proof protective case for iPad comes with three handles

Lioeo kid-friendly shock and dust proof protective case for iPad comes with three handles.

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