LCD and e-ink screen compared in the daylight sun (video)

In this video iPad 3 and Kindle Touch are compared. The sun is not very bright, nevertheless there is nothing visible on the screen of the iPad.

iPad, like any other tablet, is equipped with an LCD screen. Such screens are called “backlit”, as they need a source of light placed behind them, to display an image.

On the contrary, images in e-ink screens are being created without light. Simply, black and white micro-granules are being formed into letters and images.

If such video were created by a producer of LCD screens, it would probably be called “LCD and e-ink screens compared in the moonlight” and you’d only see the screen of the iPad.

However, this years’ e-ink e-readers, Kindle Paperwhite (by Amazon) and Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight (by Barnes & Noble), have screens called “frontlit”. You don’t need an external lamp to be able to read in the dark. They both have a row of tiny lights being placed along the edge of the screen. The light is being smoothly distributed across the surface of the screen, enlightening the bottom sheet where the microgranules display an image.

For a more detailed explanation of the difference between the screens, please read this post: What’s the difference between frontlit and backlit screen.

Via Gospel Ebooks.

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