Kobo offers free shipping on all devices until October 14

Free shipping on all Kobo devices until October 14, 2015

If you are planning to buy a Kobo e-reader or tablet this autumn, you better hurry up.

When you’ll buy directly from the Kobo online store before October 14, 2015, you won’t pay for shipping the device.

Except the banner on a home page, Kobo doesn’t provide any detailed information about the promotion. Therefore, you’ll have to test adding the device to cart and see the price calculation.

I haven’t found any details about items shipped together with the Kobo device. For instance, many users would probably want to buy the corresponding Kobo case for their new device, so having it shipped free would be an extra benefit.

I assume, the Kobo devices eligible for the free shipping are the ones offered in Kobo’s online e-reader store. There are four devices to consider:

  • Kobo Touch 2.0
  • Kobo Glo HD
  • Kobo Aura H2O
  • Kobo Aura

A user reported on Good E-reader blog that he was unable to add the product to cart and get a free shipping.

The most probable reason is that he started browsing from the wrong home page.

What you have to know (or maybe realized it, already) is that Kobo is terrible with the organization of their online store.

The store with e-readers and tablets is different from the ebook store, although they sit under the same domain. Plus, you have to add localization for the US, Canada, Germany, and a few other markets.

Therefore, make sure to visit the url address This is the e-reader store for users shopping from the US. Now, it’s not clear whether users in Canada will get a free shipping as well, as the subdomain is redirecting to the US locale.

When you’ll see the banner, like the one shown at the beginning of this post, you’ll probably get lucky.

On the other hand, if you visit the home page of the ebook store at, you won’t see the banner, and probably won’t be able to get the Kobo delivered for free.

Quite complicated, but in the end worth saving a couple of dollars.

If you consider buying Kobo Touch 2.0, make sure to read our post that puts together all the important info about the new e-reader.