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Kindle Touch is not yet shipping to UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain

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Kindle Touch now ships to over 170 countries | Image:

Kindle Touch is now officially on a list of devices which are shipped by Amazon to over 170 countries. You can go to Kindle Store, then Buy a Kindle tab and then click on a bar Live outside the U.S.? Kindle is available to ship outside of the U.S. from this page.

However, users from countries, where there are local Kindle Stores (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) can’t buy the device.

After they select their country in an information box for international customers, they’ll see an alert:

Kindle Touch info for users from UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain

Apparently, Amazon wants to push users from those countries to buy Kindle devices in local stores – and therefore tie them to buying ebooks there. The only thing is that Kindle Touch is still not available in local stores, yet. It may happen any time soon and a first chance is Amazon’s official announcement about worldwide shipments of Kindle Touch.

I’ve checked other Kindles which ship internationally. There is a similar redirection note for Kindle 4, but the device is available in all stores, so the only problem is that customers are not given a right to choose the localization.

Kindle Keyboard 3G can be bought from Kindle Store US, and no redirection is offered. For Kindle DX there is not even a country specific information displayed.

When Kindle Store launched in Italy, I shared a short comparison of prices and it looks like there is no difference, both of the available device (it was Kindle 4) and ebooks. The difference will be in the number of available books in country-specific languages.

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