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Kindle Store launched in Italy!

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There has not been an official press release from Amazon yet, I’ve found this news on Twitter, from IfBookThen, a conference on the future of publishing organized by the BookRepublic in Italy.

The Italian Kindle Store is live! There are over 963,286 ebooks available, but don’t get excited – it’s both in Italian and other languages. When you take them out (945,531), you have 17,755 books in Italian language. In Kindle Store US the number of Italian ebooks is less than 10,000 and they are mostly public domain.

I’ve checked prices of top-sellers in Kindle Store Italy and compared them to US:

Mare al mattino by Margaret Mazzantini
Kindle Store Italy – €3.99 ($5,38)
Kindle Store US – $5.39

Ho il tuo numero by Sophie Kinsella
Kindle Store Italy – €6.99 ($9.42)
Kindle Store US – $9.45

Alla mia Sinistra by Federico Rampini
Kindle Store Italy – €6.99 ($9.42)
Kindle Store US – $9.45

As you see, the prices are the same. This is very good. When I was comparing worldwide prices of Steve Jobs biography Kindle Store Germany and UK were more expensive than US.

Out of four Kindle models available internationally (Kindle 4, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Keyboard 3G and Kindle DX) only Kindle 4 is sold in Italian store. It costs €99, which at today’s rate is $133,46. The same model – Kindle 4 without special offers – costs in US $109. Shipping & handling to Europe is around $20 (no import fees included), so the cost of the device is roughly the same.

This is very interesting to see how ebook markets evolve. I have a question to Italian friends: would you switch to Italian Kindle Store or are you going to continue shopping in US?

Italian Kindle Store is a fourth one, after UK, Germany and France, opened outside US.

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