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How to integrate Kindle Store into Flipboard

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Flipboard Kindle Store integration

Yesterday’s ebook news of the day was Flipboard iBooks Store integration. However, many iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch users are Kindle Store customers, and going through the lists pulled from Apple’s ebookstore doesn’t make a lot of sense. Fine, you can discover a good ebook to read, but getting it immediately from Kindle Store is a pain. You’ll have to quit Flipboard, open Safari, type in Amazon’s web address, find Kindle Store, and browse for the title.

Luckily, you can easily integrate Kindle Store into Flipboard. Obviously, it won’t be the way Flipboard does with Apple’s ebookstore, but it works for me, and most importantly – you can adjust content to your own needs. Simply, add RSS feed of Kindle bestselling list to your Google Reader account. Done.

If you followed Ebook Friendly, you may have learned that Amazon has a very advanced system of RSS feeds. Kindle Store has them as well.

All you have to do is to browse a section called Bestsellers in Kindle Store. You’ll be able to choose from several bestseller lists: not only ebooks, but also magazines and newspapers, and even Kindle accessories. What’s more, Kindle ebooks are grouped into 26 categories. Many of these categories have subcategories – and each one comes with its own RSS feed. So, you’ll be able to subscribe to bestsellers in a very specific category, fo instance: Fiction: Genre Fiction: Science Fiction: High Tech.

Note: for you convenience I’ve put together RSS feeds of most popular categories at the end of this post.

Amazon shows in RSS feeds top 10 titles from each bestseller list. The lists are being refreshed every few hours. If any new book enters Top 10, you’ll get it in a feed. If it will change place, let’s say from #5 to #8, you’ll also get it as a new feed item. It makes the feed a bit messy, frankly speaking.

There is not too much information under every feed item: title, author, price, current rank in the bestseller list, number of reviews, and an average rating. The good thing is that Amazon’s site is mobilized, so if you tap on a link in your Flipboard on the iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll go directly to a mobilized Kindle Store, where you can buy the book or download a free sample with one tap – and come back to reading Flipboard articles.

The Kindle Store pulled to Flipboard via RSS feeds looks like on the screenshots below:

Bestseller lists accompanied with RSS feeds can be found not only in Kindle Store, but in almost any major category in Amazon. The online giant is really serious about giving customers a variety of tools helping to better explore its endless resources.

How to find an RSS feed

1. Find the list you want to follow. It shows top 100 titles, paged by 20. Scroll down the page to reveal RSS Feed section, as on the picture below.

Finding RSS feed in Kindle Store


2. Click on a link Subscribe to… next to orange RSS icon. If the feed doesn’t automatically load into Google Reader, copy the link from address bar, open Google Reader dashboard, paste the link under the red Subscribe button, and click Add.

Adding Kindle Store RSS feed to Google Reader

Kindle Store: most popular RSS feeds

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