Kindle Singles: 14 months, 161 titles, and… 2 million sold

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Margaret Atwood - I'm Starved for You

"I'm Starved for You", recently released by Margaret Atwood as Kindle Single is now #64 in Kindle Store

Kindle Singles were launched by Amazon at the beginning of last year, as quality short-form reads. “Each Kindle Single presents a compelling idea – well researched, well argued, and well illustrated – expressed at its natural length” – as Amazon puts it.

Since that time only 161 Kindle Singles were published. Not much, having in mind that every month thousands of new titles are published via Amazon’s self-publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing.

The idea of the short-form reading, fiction and non-fiction, with an appealing price tag (mostly between $0.99 and $1.99) seems to work – and work fantastically.

Laura Hazard Owen from paidContent has just shared an exclusive article written with hard data from Amazon in hand and after the series of interviews with most successful Kindle Singles authors.

The most awesome news is that more than 2 million Kindle Singles were sold since January 2011. It’s a great news for those who want to sell short-form reads (you can submit your story here). But most of all, it’s a great news for readers.

In digital times, users are consuming information in small bites and “in between”. They don’t have to learn it, they do it. Checking e-mails, Twitter updates, or reading RSS feeds – this is all happening – on the bus, in a queue or when you prepare a coffee.

When we think of how books and reading evolve, we have to be aware of what is most dangerous. It’s about how people perceive reading books. For more and more people book means: time-consuming.

And here we welcome Kindle Singles (and alikes). The short book, but the serious reading you will enjoy and remember.

Via paidContent.