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Kindle Paperwhite 2013 – what’s new (picture)

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This year’s Kindle Paperwhite, called “all-new” is not a totally new device, but an improvement of the model launched last year.

When Amazon announced the new model, on its product page there was a very nice image listing all the areas where the new model is better than the old one.

Now, it’s been removed, probably not to kill the 2012 Paperwhite entirely, besides first intentions (the prices of the new model were exactly the same as the old one, and there was a link on old KPW pages encouraging to try the newer version).

Amazon started to lower the price of the previous Paperwhite and if you want to find out what’s better, lower price or better device, check out below the chart removed from Amazon.

All-new Kindle Paperwhite - what's new

What’s also new, is that Kindle Paperwhite 2013 is already shipping to over 170 countries.

From a drop-down menu select your country/destination, and after landing on Amazon, click on “View country specific information”.

All-New Kindle Paperwhite product shotAll-New Kindle Paperwhite International


What’s new

New display technology
Higher contrast and better reflectivity means whites are whiter and blacks are blacker

Next generation built-in light
Enhanced light guide technology delivers a brighter, evenly-lit display

25% faster processor
Faster page turns for a seamless reading experience

Better touch technology
New capacitive touch technology with a 19% tighter touch grid makes Kindle Paperwhite even more responsive

Kindle Page Flip
Skim through books page-by-page, scan by chapter, or skip to the end without losing your place

Smart Lookup
Enhanced lookup features integrate a full dictionary with X-Ray and Wikipedia. Access a wealth of reference information with a single tap

Vocabulary Builder
Words looked up on Kindle Paperwhite are automatically added to Vocabulary Builder, where you can quiz yourself with flashcards

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