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Kindle Paperwhite vs Nook GlowLight – comparison toolbox

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Kindle Paperwhite vs Nook GlowLight

The newest e-ink e-readers from Amazon and Barnes & Noble are the most advanced on the market. They both have a light built into the edge of a display, what allows users to read in the dark. If you’re interested in seeing Kindle Paperwhite vs Nook GlowLight competing head to head, I’ve prepared a simple and pretty complete set that can help you make the right decision.

This set of comparisons includes:

  • a side-by-side chart with technical specifications
  • a comparison of dimensions
  • a video review
  • displays compared
  • product images and user interface screenshots
  • product sheets

However, before you make a final decision, I’d love you to check a couple of articles, which could help you see the device in a much wider context. In the end it’s all about what we read, not on what we read.

Please let me know if you’d like to see a similar comparison toolbox for Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ vs Nook HD+.

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The Verge: Kindle Paperwhite vs Nook GlowLight

A side-by-side Kindle Paperwhite vs Nook GlowLight comparison chart from The Verge. Below you’ll see a screenshot, but on the original site you’ll be able to add other e-readers to the comparison box.

Kindle Paperwhite vs Nook GlowLight - comparison

A comparison of dimensions

If you are specifically looking for differences in dimensions, here is an image from Will Shanklin’s review of Kindle Paperwhite on Gizmag  – in both inches and millimeters.

Engadget: Kindle Paperwhite compared to Nook GlowLight

Brian Heater from Engadget brilliantly reviews Kindle Paperwhite, and compares the new model from Amazon with B&N’s Nook GlowLight – in the dark. In the second part of the video there is a part which pretty well describes the difference in how effective is the light on both devices. Kindle shines – both literally and metaphorically.

Screens compared

If you want to compare the screens in a single photo, here is Engadget again. This comparison comes from a detailed review of Kindle Paperwhite. Kindle is on the right, Nook is on the left.

As you see, Kindle’s glow is much warmer, and a distribution of light across the screen is much smoother.

Product photos and user interface screenshots

Sometimes what you only need to fall in love is pictures. Here is a selection of the highest quality ones. Click on any image below to open the photo gallery. Enjoy!

Kindle Paperwhite

Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight

Product sheets

Originally the price of Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight was set to $139, but in view of Kindle Paperwhite launch Barnes & Noble dropped the price by $20 to $119, in order to match the price of the cheapest version of Amazon’s competitor.

For $119 you get Kindle Paperwhite with special offers, no power adapter included. For the same price you get Nook GlowLight with no ads and power adapter included.

Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High Resolution Display with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi – Includes Special Offers

World’s most advanced e-reader – high resolution, high contrast touchscreen with built-in light and up to 8-week battery life, even with the light on at setting 10. Kindle Paperwhite delivers clear, crisp text and images with no glare, even in bright sunlight. The patented built-in light evenly illuminates the screen, not the entire room, so you won’t disturb your partner when you can’t put your book down at night.

Unsurpassed Resolution
Our Paperwhite display offers 62% more pixels, and renders exceptionally sharp, clear text and images.

Stunning Contrast
Kindle Paperwhite’s screen has 25% higher contrast. Crisp, dark text against a brilliant white background makes for the perfect read.

Innovative Built-in Light
Paperwhite guides light towards the display from above instead of projecting it out at your eyes like back-lit displays, thereby reducing screen fatigue. You can adjust your screen’s brightness to create a perfect reading experience in all lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to bedtime reading.

Uncompromised Battery Life
A single charge lasts up to eight weeks, based on a half hour of reading per day with wireless off and the light setting at 10. Our breakthrough power management technology allows you to leave the light on at all times for the best possible contrast without sacrificing battery life.

Buy in Kindle Store

Price: $119

Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light

Nook Simple Touch GlowLight

Perfect for Bedtime Reading
Nook’s GlowLight illuminates your screen with a soft light that is perfect for bedtime reading. With advanced lighting technology not available on any other reader, GlowLight lets you stay up late reading in total comfort – while your partner stays asleep in the dark.

New! Breakthrough GlowLight
This revolutionary built-in reading light delivers optimized illumination never before seen on E Ink displays. So now you can enjoy just-like-paper reading at its best – whether you’re curled up in bed or outdoors in bright sun.

Easy-to-Adjust GlowLight
Nook’s GlowLight turns on instantly and adjusts with just a touch. Simply slide your finger to customize the brightness and enjoy perfect illumination – from a bright gleam to a soft glow – evenly dispersed across your screen.

Lightest Nook Ever
Weighing less than 7 ounces, this is our lightest Nook ever. Its featherweight design is ideal for long reading sessions in bed or on the beach, and its ergonomic soft-touch back makes it extra comfortable to hold in just one hand.

Screen Protector & Power Adapter Included
Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight includes a power adapter and a pre-installed anti-glare screen protector – an $18 value!

  • Only Reader designed for perfect bedtime reading
  • Breakthrough technology creates a soft glow optimized for low light reading
  • Warm light illuminates entire screen evenly
  • End bedtime reading debate-when you want to read & your partner wants to sleep
  • GlowLight turns on instantly and adjusts easily with a touch
  • Revolutionary built-in anti-glare screen protector delivers just-like-paper experience – great in bright sun
  • Exclusive Best-Text™ & adjustable fonts make words crisp & clear
  • Fastest, most advanced E Ink® display for seamless page turns
  • Lightest NOOK ever – perfect for long reading sessions and carrying everywhere
  • Unbeatable value: “2 Readers in 1” – Best of E Ink & Lit Display – Amazing in bed and at the beach

Buy in the Nook Store

Price: $119

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