Kindle Paperwhite 4 is up to $60 off but doesn’t include Kindle Unlimited anymore

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Kindle Paperwhite 4 2018 Christmas deal - save up to 60 dollars on all versions

Grab the 8 GB version for $99 ($30 off), or the 32 GB with cellular for $187.49 ($63 off) / Image: Unsplash

Buy the newest 4th-generation Paperwhite for only $99 and get it before Christmas. However, the free 6-month Kindle Unlimited plan is gone.

It didn’t happen on Black Friday, and it was surprising. It didn’t happen on Cyber Monday, and it was even more surprising. But it happens now – and it’s more surprising than ever before!

The long-expected deal on the newest waterproof and Audible-ready Kindle has finally arrived at the US Amazon store.

You can get Kindle Paperwhite 4 for only $99 (a version with 8 GB and special offers), which means you save $30 ($129.99). You can save more than $60 if you choose the 32 GB variant with cellular connectivity. It’s clearly the biggest deal on the 4th-generation Paperwhite you can get in 2018.

When you click on “Customize & Add to Cart” button, you will see the deal prices of other Kindle Paperwhite 4 variants. Here they are:

  • 8 GB, special offers – $99.99 ($129.99) – $30 off,
  • 32 GB, special offers – $119.99 ($159.99) – $40 off,
  • 8 GB, no ads – $115.37 ($149.99) – $35 off,
  • 32 GB, no ads – $134.99 ($179.99) – $45 off,
  • 32 GB, cellular, no ads – $187.49 ($249.99) – $63 off,

The $30-$60 price cut is something Kindle fans were waiting for during the Turkey 5 weekend. It didn’t happen, what was highly unexpected. Especially that price cuts on the newest Paperwhite were offered in Amazon stores localized in other major countries.

Why is Amazon doing it right now? Maybe the newest Kindle doesn’t sell that well. Maybe Amazon wanted customers to focus on Alexa-powered devices during Cyber Monday, and let Kindle addicts get the newest Kindle before Christmas, anyway.

What about Kindle Unlimited deal that the Paperwhite 4 was launched with? We’ve double-checked the current product page, and it seems that the Kindle Unlimited offer is gone. It means that when you buy Kindle Paperwhite through this deal, you won’t be able to redeem the free 6-month Kindle Unlimited plan.

Kindle Paperwhite 2018, has a sleek new look with an edge-to-edge glass front, is waterproof (IPX8 water resistance rating), ready to play Audible audiobooks, and comes in two storage options: 8 and 32 GB. The deal will let you save enough money to buy a cool case cover and Bluetooth headphones.

It’s not clear when the deal will end, but if you want the Paperwhite to be a part of Christmas unboxing excitement, make sure to order is as soon as possible.

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