Kindle for the Web: free web book previews – where to find them?

Kindle for the Web

Look for this widget on pages with paper editions

A couple of months ago Amazon introduced a new functionality, Kindle for the Web, which lets users read samples of books available at their bookstore. You can read for free a first chapter, but also embed such a book on your blog or share it with your friends. In the future whole books can be read this way, without leaving a web browser.

Sounds interesting? Great. But don’t try to find Kindle for the Web widget where you expect it to be. This functionality is available only on pages with paper editions of the books. You can’t find it on the page with a Kindle edition.

This also means that not every Kindle book has a web preview. Hopefully it will change in the near future.

In the meantime feel free to enjoy the new addition to our ebookstore: free web previews incorporated into our e-reading application view – and using Kindle for the Web functionality.