Amazon’s Kids Bundle now includes the 2016 Kindle and a new cover

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Kindle for Kids Bundle 2016
The new Kindle for Kids Bundle / Image: Amazon
The refreshed Kindle for Kids Bundle includes the 8th-generation basic Kindle, features the book-style cover, and costs $99.

A few months have passed since the July introduction of the 2016 basic Kindle, and Amazon has finally decided to use the new-generation Kindle in the Kids Bundle.

For those who don’t know: Amazon Kindle for Kids Bundle is a basic Kindle model that comes together with two other elements: a special kid-friendly cover, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee. Bundling these three items together is meant to make the set more suitable for kids.

Obviously, the new bundle includes the last-generation Kindle. What’s worth stressing, it’s the version without special offers.

Please keep in mind that this is the basic Kindle model, which, unlike Paperwhite, doesn’t have a front-lighted display.

As a result, your kid might complain it’s difficult to read on the Kindle in the evening. A small bedside lamp might not give enough light to make the text on the display readable – even if it was sufficient for a paper book. It’s because the display is not white but light gray, and the contrast is lower.

Another change is the cover. Before, it was a rubber case with a textured back. It was a good idea, as it helped prevent accidental drops from smaller hands.

Now, the bundle includes the book-style cover from Nupro. Your kid can pick up one of five colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Green, and Purple.

On one side, the change of the case is not so good. The heavy-duty cover from a previous generation was better-suited to protect against damages caused by accidental drops. On the other side, the new cover protects the display. The all-around protection will pass the test in daily use.

What’s more, the Nupro case folds back for easy one-handed reading and automatically wakes the Kindle when the front cover is raised.

Kindle for Kids Bundle 2016 comes with a new cover and 2-year guarantee

And when it comes to damage, the Kindle has a 2-year guarantee for damage caused by common accidents, including “knocking it off a table, dropping it in water, or your dog chewing on it.”

What does also count is the benefits of the Kindle ecosystem for kids. There are many areas where Amazon does it better than competitors. There are more than 250,000 children’s books in the Kindle Store. Add to it Kindle FreeTime, advanced parental controls, and vocabulary builder.

If you buy the three elements separately, you’ll have to pay $144.97:

  • Kindle 8 (2016) without ads – $99.99,
  • Nupro case cover – $24.99,
  • 2-year warranty provided by SquareTrade – $19.99.

The price of the Kindle for Kids Bundle is $99.99. So, you pay for the Kindle and get extras for free, saving $45 – almost one-third of a price.

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