Kindle and Fire deals for Father’s Day and beyond

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Kindle and Fire deals for summer 2020

With Prime Day being delayed until September, the current deal is your last chance to save up to $35 on select Kindle and Fire devices.

Amazon offers a few new device deals for Father’s Day 2020, but having in mind common shipping delays, you should not count on receiving the gift for your father within a week.

Still, these Kindle and Fire deals are attractive, especially when compared to an almost complete lack of price cuts in the recent months. If you plan to upgrade your family’s estate for summer, you should take a look at how much you can save and on which devices.

Why get the deals now and not on Prime Day? Because Amazon’s popular summer shopping event will be delayed, so don’t expect it to take place in the second week of July. Some sources say it will run in September – too late for summer device upgrade. More optimistic sources claim Prime Day 2020 will happen at the end of August and will be connected with back-to-school shopping activity.

Three models are on summer sale, but the newest Amazon Fire HD 8 is not among them. The tablet offers breakthrough horizontal-first experience, 30% faster performance, and twice the storage expandable up to 1 TB. Fire HD 8 has just been launched, and it’s hard to expect it to go on sale right away.

Instead, the most affordable Fire 7 is on sale. Plus both the basic Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite are offered at reduced prices, and the maximum saving to achieve is $35.

Kindle and Fire deals for summer 2020

Kindle Paperwhite sale summer 2020

Save $25 on the basic Kindle

The latest Kindle model, featuring smoother design and built-in front light, costs 28% less.

Instead of the regular price ($89.99), you pay $64.99 which means you keep in your pocket $25 – enough to get a decent Kindle case cover. This deal is as attractive as the one offered for Mother’s Day.

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Save up to $35 on Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon’s most popular e-reader model is waterproof, has an edge-to-edge front glass, and supports Audible audiobooks. Two new color variants (Sage and Plum) were introduced recently, and they are also on sale.

If you pick up the version with 8 GB of memory, you will save $30 (deal price is $99.99 instead of $129.99). The price cut on the 32 GB variant is even higher – $35 – pulling the price down to $124.99 ($159.99).

⇢ Kindle Paperwhite

Get Amazon Fire 7 tablet for $39

Amazon Fire tablets were not offered at reduced prices for a very long time. Now, only the cheapest model is on sale. But it’s a good deal if you plan to upgrade tablets in your family for summer.

The 7-inch Fire comes in trendy color variants matching Kindle Paperwhite (Twilight Blue, Sage, and Plum). A version with 16 GB sells for $39.99, which means you save $10 ($49.99). If you decide to buy a variant with twice the memory (32 GB), you will save $15, paying $54.99 instead of a regular $69.99.

It’s worth noting that if you buy the model bundled with original case cover and Amazon-approved screen protector, you will save even more – $20. This option, however is not available for immediate shipping, and you will have to wait a few weeks for delivery.

⇢ Amazon Fire 7

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