Cyber Week 2018 special – the best Kindle and Fire deals through December 1

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Cyber Monday Week 2018 best Kindle Fire deals

Here is a round-up of the best deals on Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets that you can get on Cyber Monday and beyond / Images: Amazon

You don’t have to rush to get Fire 7 for $29.99 or save $20 on Kindle Paperwhite 4 (2018) Essentials Bundle.

There is Cyber Monday when the Black Friday is over. And there is Cyber Monday Week when the Cyber Monday is over.

It’s not the first time when major online stores extend the time when customers can get thousands of products at reduced prices. On Best Buy, Target, or Amazon, you can find great deals through the end of the week which starts on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday 2018 Deals store on Amazon offers thousands of deals and special offers across several categories – and most of them won’t be gone on midnight, November 26.

Having one day to find deals in favorite online stores can be exciting – but it can also be frustrating.

Some users don’t like to rush. They want to have some time to think about the product they are going to buy and purchase it when the excitement is gone.

Others are too busy on Cyber Monday and are not able to find even 15 minutes to explore the deals on this very day.

That’s why, we’ve put together the most exciting deals on Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets that you can get on Cyber Week 2018 – by the end of December 1, 2018.

Cyber Week 2018 Kindle deals

Save up to 35% on Kindle e-readers and bundles

Kindle deals on Cyber Monday 2018 and beyond

Amazon Kindle Deals page lists all Kindle devices that are currently available, including bundles, and refurbished models.

Let’s have a look at deals and limited-time offers that are currently available for Kindle e-readers:

  • Top deal: save $40 on Kindle Paperwhite (previous generation) – the highest discount on the Kindle e-reader is offered for the previous-generation Kindle Paperwhite. You can get the device for $79.99 ($119.99). The same price cut was offered on Prime Day 2018,
  • Top deal: $20 off Kindle Paperwhite 4 (2018) Essentials Bundle – the waterproof Paperwhite can be bought together with the original leather cover from Amazon (worth $39.99) and power adapter, for a price reduced by up to 15% depending on the Paperwhite variant. If you pick up the 8 GB, you’ll pay for the bundle $169.97, instead of $189.97, and save $20,
  • save $15 on Kindle Essentials Bundle – the bundle includes the 8th-generation Kindle e-reader with ads ($79.99), Amazon’s original Kindle case cover ($29.99), and Amazon 5W power adapter ($19.99). The regular price is $129.97, but you can get it now for $114.97,
  • get Kindle for Kids Bundle for $99.99 – a great idea for your book-loving kid. The bundle includes Kindle 8, kid-friendly case cover (available in eight fancy colors), and a 2-year worry-free guarantee. You can get it for $99.99, and keep $25 in your pocket ($124.98),
  • save up to 25% on refurbished or pre-owned Kindle e-readers – if you are hunting for good deals on devices that are discontinued (for instance Kindle Voyage), checking out pre-owned models is always a good thing to do. Six models are currently offered.

Save up to 85% on Kindle books

Deals on Kindle ebooks are an important part of every Cyber Monday event on Amazon.

You can find attractive deals on Kindle ebooks already on Black Friday, but the biggest Kindle Daily Deal of the year is always offered on Cyber Monday. Plus, you can always explore the catalog of monthly Kindle deals, and Kindle Countdown deals.

Let’s have a look at the Kindle deals that are currently offered.

  • Ended 26.11: 500 Kindle top reads are up to 80% off – this is the biggest Kindle deal of 2018. In a Cyber Monday selection, you will find The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood for $2.99 ($9.99), Andy Weir’s Artemis ($2.99 instead of $12.99), and Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks for $3.99 ($14.99). Most books are available in literature & fiction category (over 200 titles), followed by mystery & thrillers (over 100 books),
  • Ended 25.11: 80% off 90 top Kindle books – on Cyber Sunday 2018, you can save on almost 90 top reads in popular categories. Dan Brown’s Origin is offered for $2.99 ($7.99). You can get Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves for $1.99 instead of $24.99. Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Last Wish, introducing Geralt the Witcher, soon to be seen on Netflix, costs today $2.99 ($7.99),
  • Top deal: 1,000 Kindle ebooks up to 85% off – the November 2018 list of monthly Kindle deals is a must-check directory for all deal hunters. The books costs no more than $3.99 each, but a majority can be purchased for $0.99 or $1.99. Almost 1,000 titles are featured this month, in several popular categories, including romance, mystery & thrillers, sci-fi, non-fiction, and biographies. Over 300 are available via Kindle Unlimited,
  • over 2,000 books in Kindle Countdown deals – an even bigger number of Kindle deals you will see in the directory of Kindle Countdown deals. They are offered directly by the authors. The countdown mechanism is that the price of the book goes up gradually. At the beginning it’s usually $0.99, after a couple of days it’s raised to $1.99, and so on,
  • get 50 Kindle-exclusive bestsellers for $2 each – this curated list includes the books that are available in the Kindle Store and anywhere else. You can find here books in popular categories (romance, crime, teen), and our favorite are Justice Redeemed by Scott Pratt, and Rachel Caine’s Stillhouse Lake,
  • 600 Kindle books for $0.99 each – if you are looking for the cheapest Kindle books you could get, make sure to check out the November 2018 catalog of the Kindle books that are priced $0.99. The list is valid through the the last day of November, and includes books by Blake Crouch, Carolyn Brown, and Jamie Beck.

Save up to 50% on Kindle cases and sleeves

You won’t find many Kindle case covers in the Cyber Monday 2018 store. It’s the harvest time for case producers, and they tend to increase prices, especially for models that are in high demand.

Instead of browsing the Kindle Accessories Store, we advise you to search the entire Amazon store. You’ll get much more options to choose from, but most importantly, you may spot attractive Kindle case deals.

Here is what we’ve found so far:

  • Top deal: get MoKo Kindle case for half the price – if you are looking for a classic book-style case that would fit the 8th-generation Kindle, get one from MoKo. The case is available in ten bright designs, and costs now $16.99 instead of $36.99, so you keep $26 in your pocket,
  • save up to 67% on Kindle Paperwhite cases from Omoton – if you are looking for deals on case covers for the previous-generation Kindle Paperwhite, look no further. The cases from Omoton are durable, support auto sleep/wake, and come in 10 lively colors. The deal price is set at $9.99 ($29.99),
  • save $22 on CaseBot leather case for Kindle Oasis – cases from CaseBot were always on our radar, and now you can save even 40% on select versions. The genuine leather variant normally costs $51.99 but you can grab it for $29.99 in a limited time offer,
  • save 50% on Ayotu Colorful Kindle 8 cases – the cases from Ayotu are among our long-lasting recommendations. These cases deserve their list price of $29.99, but you can get them this holiday season for only $14.99, which means you save 50%.

Save up to 96% on Kindle Unlimited and Audible

Kindle Unlimited and Audible deals on Cyber Monday 2018 and beyond

Take a look at the current deals on Kindle Unlimited and Audible subscriptions:

  • Top deal: save 96% on three months of Kindle Unlimited – the deal is active through November 30, 2018. You can get the 3-month subscription for $0.99 instead of $29.97. It means you save as much as 96%. Existing Kindle Unlimited subscribers are not eligible to take part in the promotion,
  • buy Paperwhite 4 and get six free months of Kindle Unlimited – this deal is not limited to Cyber Monday, as it’s offered for anyone who buys the newest Kindle Paperwhite 4 until the end of January 2018. With the purchase of the e-reader, you get six months of Kindle Unlimited free of charge. Your saving is as much as $60 – it’s the best deal on Kindle Unlimited ever offered,
  • save 53% on three months of Audible subscription – if you are not sure you’ll be a dedicated Audible user, you can test the service through this deep deal. Normally, the monthly Audible subscription costs $14.95, but in this Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal, you can get the first three months for only $6.95 per month.

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Cyber Week 2018 Fire deals

Save up to 40% on Fire tablets and bundles

Amazon Fire deals on Cyber Monday 2018 and beyond

Over 40 Amazon devices are featured in the Cyber Monday Week 2018 Store, with price cuts reaching 40%. Let’s take a look at the most interesting ones

  • Top deal: save 37% on Amazon Fire HD 8 (2018) – the newest mid-range Fire sports 8-inch HD display, and supports hands-free Alexa, thanks to which you can use it as an Echo Show speaker. What’s important, you can use with the tablet microSD cards that are up to 400 GB in memory size. The regular price of HD 8 (2018) is $79.99 but you can get it for only $49.99, so your saving is $30 (37%),
  • Ended 26.11: get Amazon Fire 7 for $29.99 – the 7-inch entry-level Fire tablet was launched last year, and is thinner and lighter than ever before. On November 22 and later, you can get it for $29.99, which means you save almost 40% ($49.99),
  • Ended 26.11: $50 off Amazon Fire HD 10 – Fire HD 10 combines widescreen 1080p Full HD display (1920 × 1200 px, 224 ppi) with hands-free Alexa voice assistant. The Cyber Monday Week 2018 price is set at $99.99 ($149.99), enabling you to save $50. It’s the highest price cut on the 10-inch Fire we’ve ever seen,
  • get Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet for $69.99 – the Kids Edition bundle based on the 7-inch Fire includes the tablet, a kid-friendly case, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee. Right now, the price is reduced from $99.99 (which is already a saving, compared to the elements bought separately) to $69.99, which means a $30 price cut,
  • save $40 on Fire HD 8 Kids Edition – this is the similar bundle designed for kids, but instead of the 7-inch Fire it includes the newest 8-inch Fire HD. The bundle normally costs $129.99, but you can get it for $89.99 – your saving will be 31%,
  • $50 off Fire HD 10 Kids Edition – the bundle includes the largest, 10-inch Fire tablet, kid-proof case (available in three colors: Blue, Pink, or Yellow), and a 2-year worry-free guarantee. The deal price is set at $149.99 ($50 off),
  • up to 33% off certified refurbished Amazon Fire tablets – refurbished devices are tested and improved to work and look like new. Getting an Amazon-certified device is always a way to buy a model that has been discontinued, but also to save on current devices if there is no regular deal offered.

Getting a bundle or a multi-pack is always cheaper than getting the elements separately. Below, we’ve rounded up the best deals on Amazon Fire bundles:

  • save $60 on Fire HD 8 & Show Mode Charging Dock – besides the tablet, the bundle includes the the all-new Show Mode Charging Dock that makes it easier than ever before to seamlessly turn the Fire into Echo Show. The Show Mode is rather expensive, but if you buy the bundle, you save $60 – the price goes down $79.99, compared to the regular $138.98,
  • $60 off Fire HD 10 & Show Mode Charging Dock – Show Mode Charging Dock is also available for the 10-inch Fire tablet. The bundle will enable you to save up to $60. For Fire HD 10 + Show Dock you pay $144.99, instead of $204.98,
  • buy Fire 7 Kids Edition 2-pack and save $80 – the 7-inch Fire tablet for kids includes a tablet, a kid-friendly case, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee. If you buy the 2-pack, you save $80, because you’ll pay $119.98 instead of $199.98,
  • save $110 on Fire HD 8 Kids Edition 2-pack – are you planning to buy the newest Fire HD 8 (2018) for your kids? Get the bundle that includes two Kids Edition models – each one in a different color. The list price of the 2-pack is $259.98, but you can get it now for $149.98, which means you save as much as $110,
  • $80 off Fire HD 10 Kids Edition 2-pack – the similar 2-pack is offered for the largest Fire tablet. There are two color combinations to choose from: Blue & Pink, or Blue & Yellow. The Cyber Monday 2018 price is $249.98, instead of $399.98, so you save $150.

Save up to 60% on Fire case covers

The deals on Amazon Fire cases are usually hard to spot, because a lot of customers are buying the tablets, and most of them want to get the case as well.

Performing a search across all categories of Amazon may return hundreds of thousands of results. These ones are our favorite:

  • Top deal: get Poetic Fire 7 rugged case for $9.95 – it’s one of the cheapest heavy duty case for the 7-inch Amazon Fire. It’s made of premium kid-proof silicone, and features tactile side grip support. Currently the case is 50% off. You can get it for $9.99 instead of $19.95,
  • save $14 on Fintie Folio case for Fire HD 8 (2018) – a deal on the case for the newest Fire tablet is a rare thing, but Fintie has just slashed the price on the folio stand case to $20.99 ($34.99). The case has a classic design, with a wave line on the front, and is available in over ten colors and patterns,
  • 60% off Meerown Tri-fold Amazon Fire 7 case – Meerown offers a deal on a lightweight stand case for the entry-level Fire. The case is available in four colors, including Red and Rose Red. You can get it for $13.99 instead of $32.99, which means you save as much as $19,
  • 33% off heavy-duty Fire HD 8 case from Supcase – here is a good deal if you are looking for cases for the previous-generation Fire HD 8. Supcase Unicorn Beetle protective case with built-in screen protector is now $13 off. The deal price is set at $26.99, compared to the regular $39.99,
  • save up to 40% on the Fire HD 10 cover from ProCase – this deal may end soon. From ProCase comes a slim case for the 10-inch Fire tablet. Available in three colors, it features tri-fold front that can be transformed into a stand. The price was reduced to $17.99 from $29.99,
  • save $43 on MoKo keyboard case for Fire HD 8 (2018) – this is one of the deepest deals on Fire cases. The Bluetooth keyboard compatible with the Fire HD 8 released in 2018 costs now $36.99, so you save 54% because the list price is set at $79.99.

Save up to 57% on Fire accessories

When it comes to Cyber Monday deals, it’s good to explore the entire Amazon store, not only dedicated deal sections.

Find below our recommended deals:

  • Top deal: 57% off Fintie screen protector for Fire HD 8 – this tempered glass screen protector is compatible with 8-inch Fire models released between 2015 and 2018. With 9H hardness, it protects against impacts and scratches, but it’s only 0.3mm thick, preserving original response sensitivity. The accessory costs now $12.99, so you save $17 ($29.99),
  • save 50% on TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones – these waterproof, sweat proof earphones have a built-in mic, and can play for 8 hours without recharging. You can get them now for $29.99 and save half of its price ($59.99),
  • save 23% on Anker SoundBuds Curve Earphones – these Bluetooth earphones are waterproof and can be used for up to 12.5 hours without recharging. Customizable ear tips will keep your headphones in place during tough workouts. Now, you can save 23%, as the earphones cost $19.99 instead of a regular price of $25.99,
  • get Fire compatible charger for $10.99 – from Toniwa comes a simple and solid power charger that you can use with Fire tablets, Kindle e-readers, or Fire TV stick. The deal price is set at $10.99, so your saving is 15% ($12.99),
  • LapGear tablet pillow stand is 35% cheaper – are you looking for a stand that will let you comfortably watch movies in a bed or sofa? This pillow stand will fit all Fire models, and comes in seven fashionable designs. You can save $7 (35%) if you buy it now. The deal price is $12.99 instead of the regular $19.99,
  • get TFY car headrest mount holder for $16.50 – this simple tablet can be easily installed to car headrest. It can handle tablets between 6 and 10-inch, so all Fire models will fit perfectly – without or with the case cover. Grab the mount for $16.50 now to save 53% as the regular price is set at $35.00.

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