Eight books by James Patterson are up to 85% off for Kindle

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James Patterson deal for Kindle - save up to 85%

Today, you have the one and only chance to meet most fascinating characters from Patterson’s page-turning novels: Alex Cross, Rory Yates, and Michael Bennett.

From time to time, the daily deal section of the Kindle Store features books written by a single author.

Today is such a day. You can grab eight novels written by James Patterson, the author and co-author of bestselling detective, mystery, and romance novels.

Patterson sold over 300 million copies of his books around the world, and is the author with the largest number of titles on a list of Top 100 Kindle books of all time.

Most of his books are fast reads and page-turners. You put the book away after you read the last sentence, no earlier than that.

And today, you have a chance to enter the world of James Patterson – if you haven’t already – for the excitingly low price. Eight of his books are offered for prices between $2.99 and $4.99. The regular prices are usually no lower than $9.99.

First books from bestselling series featuring full-blooded characters are on the list. Here they are:

  • Alex Cross book 1 for $2.99 ($9.99) – the classic thriller series about a homicide detective who lives in the ghettos of Washington, D.C., and “looks like Muhammad Ali in his prime.” The series includes now 27 books, and the last volume – Criss Cross – is on a today’s deal list as well, available for $4.99.
  • Rory Yates book 1 for $2.99 ($9.99) – in the first book of two-volume series written together with Andrew Bourelle, Patterson introduces Rory Yates, a Texas Ranger who is named a suspect in the murder of his ex-wife.
  • Michael Bennett book 1 for $2.99 ($9.99) – the twelve-part series co-authored by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge follows an Irish-American detective who raises ten adopted children and solves horrifying crimes in the New York City area.

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