Foreign users don’t pay international fee for Kindle Daily Deal books

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Kindle Daily Deal is Amazon’s latest bargain offer which features one book a day with a huge discount. You can usually save from 60 to 80%. The books cost from $0.99 to $2.99 in most cases.

International users can enjoy one more benefit – they don’t have to pay an international fee. That means that if the book costs $0.99, like today’s title, Trude Detective by Max Allan Collins, most probably we’ll pay $0.99 no matter which country we live in.

As our comparison of worldwide prices of Kindle bestsellers shows, non-US Kindle users usually have to pay a couple of dollars more for the titles. In some cases the price of a $0.99 book displayed for someone living in Europe or Latin America can be even as high as $3.44.

This is apparently not the case when you buy books discounted for Kindle Daily Deal. Unfortunately, majority of them is not available internationally. Let’s hope it will change.

You can check which books were featured so far and get free updates of Kindle Daily Deal via RSS or email.

Soon we’ll prepare a detailed analysis of Kindle Daily Deals, including the level of savings and international availability, so stay tuned.

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