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iTunes: ClipBook app lets you collect favorite quotes from print books

ClipBook Book Collector app for iOS

ClipBook is the app designed by Jeong Eui Ron that does one thing – lets you collect in one place favorite quotes or paragraphs from print books you’re reading. In other words it’s a digital bookmark/notes collector for print books.

When you start reading a new book, you can set up a new catalog, add book’s cover and start collecting your favorite quotes. You’ve got two ways to add a passage: either by writing it down or by taking a photo. In both cases you can add a page number, so that it will be easy to find it in the original book.

As the app gives a possibility to back-up the collected paragraphs to Evernote, I was expecting to see a feature that turns a taken picture into a text. Optical character recognition is one of the most useful benefits of Evernote, which for instance lets make a bookshelf of print books searchable. However this option is not available in ClipBook, so if you want the sentence editable, you’ll have to write it down manually.

For anyone who tasted digital reading this app is a promising solution that fills the gap between the charm of a print book and the convenience of ebook.

ClipBook logoClipBook – BookMarker & Sentence Collector

ClipBook helps you manage your book collection and save your favorite and impressive quotations from the books in one place. You can also backup the quotes you want to remember for long-term to Evernote safely. Share your inspirational quotes with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

“Very handy – As a self-confessed bookworm, I can’t tell you how useful this app is. Now I always have my quotable quotes wherever I am. I also love that it connects to Evernote because that’s my go-to note taking app. Highly recommended!”

What are you reading now?
What is the touching sentence you don’t want to forget?


  • organize books you’re reading now
  • clip the touching sentences & pictures
  • share clips with your friends
  • export your books to Evernote and Keepsafe

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