Is Amazon just launching Kindle Kids Daily Deal?

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I’m frequently checking Kindle Daily Deal for discounted ebooks, but haven’t had time to do it since last weekend. It looks that in the meantime they’ve added Kindle Kids Daily Deal.

When you open a page today, you’ll be surprised to see this:

No press release was issued by Amazon, yet. They apparently want media to consume today’s India Kindle Store. I’ve checked back Twitter stream of @AmazonKindle, and the first mention of Kindle Kids Daily Deal comes from August 19.

Amazon is running an action 14 Days of Kindle Book Deals for Kids and Teens, and Kindle Kids Daily Deal is a part of it. At some point, though, they moved the featured book to Kindle Daily Deal home page. This may suggest that Amazon is thinking about long-time daily deals for children’s ebooks. I would expect that. Barnes & Noble runs similar deals for several months. They’ve got one page for Nook Daily Find and Nook Daily Find Families. Deal pages from Amazon and B&N are now looking very similar to each other.

Who knows, Amazon may announce Kindle Kids Daily Deal even in a few days, having in mind that 1st anniversary of KDD is on Sunday.

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Kindle Kids Daily Deal 22.08.2012

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