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Introducing brand new email updates from Ebook Friendly

New email updates from Ebook Friendly

If you’ve opted in to get our daily email updates via Feedburner, please take a moment to read this post.

I’m excited to announce that since today we started to deliver daily digests using Mailchimp. Opposite to Feedburner, the service keeps moving forward, but most of all it lets better “listen” to subscribers’ needs and thoroughly adjust not only the content, but also delivery patterns.

An email you’ll receive today from “Piotr from Ebook Friendly” (that’s me) is an example how our daily digests will look like.

Main part of the email will be taken by recent posts. Also, in the sidebar you’ll get quick access to top ebook news sites (The Digital Reader, and TeleRead among them), recent ebook deals, and best sites with ebook-related accessories.

On top of that, you don’t have to open each and every email. At the bottom there will be a list of posts published earlier, plus two articles that are currently most popular on our service. All that to make sure you won’t miss any important update from us.

Obviously, you will be able to opt out from receiving emails at any time. Simply scroll down to footer and find “Unsubscribe” link. From here you can also change the settings, as well as open the email in your web browser.

New email updates from Ebook Friendly - options

Emails will be sent around 4pm GMT (10 am EST), and only on days when there will be any new article published.

Any ideas on what should be included in the updates are more than welcome – please leave them in the comments below. Also, please leave your opinion whether weekly digests are something you would be willing to receive on top/instead of daily updates.

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